A Citizen Rants

February 8, 2008

Politico-El Garbago

I am so fed up with our local politicians. We have one of the ( Dearborn ) highest property taxes in Michigan. My block is full of 5 new renters that do not even shovel their own snow. The Mayor ( O'reilly ) has become an expert at everything, his opinion is all that now matters. Our city council gets paid an enormous amount of money to work a few hours a month. Since , when did public service become a Job for a lifetime. Why is Polidori in Lansing ? Hart was the life-long senator that went from one new job to another. How are these rip-off artists entitled to our state and city money. Our up-incoming star .....Abraham, has his lips quivering for a run at the mayorship, Give me a break , what are his qualifications ? It a huge pay-check with pension benefits. Maybe , these local policos can head over To Lansing and reap more cash and a new Job. Boy , the voters and citizens are so blind to these tax-mongers .Oh , by he way we have 2 State houses in Lansing, doing what ? What they are doing is planning their next job, their term limits job is about to expire.