Dearborn Schools Failing

February 2, 2008

A Parent speaks out.

Can someone explain the new "hands off" attendance policy... Going on in the Dearborn Public schools ?

Its simple IN THE DARK, it basically means that students can be absent all they want and the school system cannot do anything about it. A student could miss 30 days of school and teachers are not allowed to fail them because of attendance alone.

It is conceivable that a student could do the assigned work, or at least enough of it just to pass, but they cannot be failed because of attendance. My son's science teacher told me that she has students who have missed half the lab assignments but was told that she can't fail them because of the new policy.

An impromptu survey of my son's teachers and a few others I know at EFHS say that their total number of absences has skyrocketed this year. My son's first hour science teacher says in a class of 28, she has logged over 250 total absences with 180 late and tardy, in just one class. That's 430 total absent, late and tardy in one first hour course. She had three students fail with 16 receive some form of D. That means in a class of 28, just 9 got a C or better. How does our schools system receive accreditation with grades like this? She is not alone people! Every single teacher is reporting similar spikes in attendance and performance drops across the district. Why don't you all check it out?