Poets Corner

January 23, 2008

A Poem , A farewell.

"Burrrrrl!" They said and off he went
Onto the seat the last guy spent
And in it sat this big ole' guy
Who said to all "let 'okay' fly!"

In left hand he had held the book
Of how to be the district crook
In right hand he had wrote the page
Of how to act the kindly sage

"Oh Burrrrrl!" We cried,
"We have no paper!
Our teachers sit, our students caper!"

"Oh Burrrrrl!" We shout,
"Our kids all fail!
The students play, the teachers wail!"

And there he sat, his face a wreck
His chin curled up, he cracked his neck
A bead of sweat rolled down his brow
Until he shouted, "I get it now!"

He went off to the boards and wrote
A set of goals to put afloat
That may be lower than before
But now the district failed no more!

Said Burrrrrl,
"I changed the game and now it works!
If teachers blame: I'll cut their perks!
I see the best in all progress
So when they fail I'll say 'no less!'

They learned a thing or two this year
How to add a number or spell 'brazierre'
And for that we say, 'you did okay'
And in Dearborn that's like an A!"

--by Brian says you can sing it too... on 1/20/08 Lives: USA