A teacher speaks out.

January 19, 2008

Hi Mr. Gibb,
I teach at one of the high schools in the Dearborn Public Schools and probably should not be writing about this, but frankly I've had enough of the wimps in charge of our schools.
I have a student who was suspended for 10 days for purchasing a stun gun from another student in school. I have no idea what punishment the seller is facing, as he is special ed. The purchaser is not, and got to come back to school after his 10-day suspension. I hear the police ticketed the purchaser for having "a dangerous instrument", not a weapon. How fantastic that this young man is back in school after having that kind of item!!!
I've been reading a lot of the posts here today about DPS and want people to know that as teachers, we want to keep our students and ourselves safe. It's not going to happen when you have people on the hearing board letting kids who sell drugs, assault teachers, threaten to kill teachers, carry weapons, etc. return to DPS. I'm wondering just what it takes to get expelled anymore?? Does someone actually have to be severely injured or killed?
Perhaps if Paul Smith, Marc Zigterman or Wageh Saad would come to our schools and see what we deal with everyday, they would attempt to clean our schools of these students.
Yes, it sounds harsh coming from a teacher (many years in DPS), but it's time our good kids get to go to school in a safe environment. Our principals are good people and do what they can to get paperwork on these kids, but it's the hearing board that allows them to return. If you talk about this, please do not use my name on the computer. I enjoy my job very much but am fed up with the trash that is allowed to stay in our school and basically do whatever they want and get away with it. Thank you for reading this.