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Nanny Pelosi pushes gourmet menu

January 15, 2008

Newly elected Democrats ,Now the big boys and girls on the political block have revamped congressional menus, replacing fatty, pre-made foods with so called healthier, gourmet alternatives.
The congressional cafeterias are now loaded with rich mans high class cuisine.
American processed cheese is now being augmented with french brie cheese. And moms good old fashion Meatloaf has has been replaced with a fancy fish dish called mahi mahi. Also baguettes now replace bums.

The menu transformation is part of Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi's "Greening the Capitol" plan to make the House campus more environmentally friendly and socially progressive.

Yes, Nanny Nancy is another Democratic millionaire. Don't you just love the liberal fascist pushing their preferences on the the rest of us. Of course, one doesn't have to buy the higher priced gourmet food . So I guess I should stop complaining and "eat some cake".