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Calling All Cars

March 19, 2002

A reader writes... It's time for me to Jump up and down again! This time it's about proper flag etiquette.

Seems to me if you're going to display the Flag a certain respect should go along with that display. The US Congress has established proper etiquette when and how it should be. And thus following that protocol, would reflect your esteem and pride in its display.

With that logic in mind, wouldn't the improper show ones contempt and disrespect for our flag and all it represents? You would think so, huh? Well, driving down Michigan Ave. I notice that on the passenger side of our Local Police vehicles the flag is not properly displayed (the blue field is on the viewer right and not left).

I realize that this may look better (note: the driver side flag is correct), sorta symmetrical and all, but, is incorrect all those former military men at the station really missed this one. Any way the budget can't afford to buy new stickers to put on the right way?

- A proud American, jumping up and down, but with a little patriotism and respect for our colors