Good People Can Disagree

March 19, 2002

How dare Superintendent Jeremy Hughes claim that the absurdly inflated $150 million bond proposal is a solid, well-studied, comprehensive plan. The fact is the plan contains something for everyone in the hopes that enough parents of school age children will actually vote for the new tax. Even the school board, that debated the various components for months, never fully supported it.

Hughes thinks so little of the plan and future success of Dearborn schools he is leaving the district for a lucrative position at the state level.

I don't believe the projected numbers presented by school officials. They vary depending on who is speaking.

I would much rather invest $55,000 each for 70 portable units to handle the temporary increase in enrollment than $114 million for new buildings that may eventually go the way of Oxford, Salisbury and Adams -- sold because of declining enrollment 20 years ago. Portables are air conditioned, carpeted and can be easily resold when no longer needed.

The final absurdity is that school administrators are working to cut expenses due to reduced state funding. What makes anyone think more funds will be available to staff new schools? I believe the majority of voters understand that the March 26 election is more about appeasing special interest groups than being good for Dearborn residents and business owners.

- Susan Moore