What do you think ?

February 14, 2007


Why doesn't the Board fire Artis prior to the end of his contract? This would leave him months short of collecting his pension and send him pandering to another district to seek employment for a few months. Hey, maybe he could even go back to the classroom for a few months! We all realize that he is setting up his own educational consultant firm, getting it ready and running upon his retirement from the DPS. Let's face it, who would be stupid enough to hire him as a consultant anyway?

Let's just cut our losses and cut him loose. We have to look for a new superintendent anyway. What's the difference if we do it now or a year from now? The money spent to pay off the district embarrassment is minimal compared to the frivolous waste that occurs daily in the Dearborn Public Schools. The big question is, can any board members, besides Ms. Dulmage, have the courage to rid the district of it's cancer?

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