D.P.S. Wintergate

February 12, 2007


Taking into account the recent debacle of Dr. John Burl Artis and the delayed closing of the schools for the frigid temps., I do have a scenario to pose to all readers and/or contributers to this site.

A winter weather advisory has been issued for Southeast Michigan indicating a snowfall amounting anywhere from 6 to 9 inches starting Tuesday morning and ending Wednesday morning. If this is correct, and should we get the 9 or so inches of snow, with the roads in hazardous conditions, should Dr. Artis be proactive and cancel school for Wednesday?

Here's the catch. Wednesday is an official student count day. Does this fact affect the judgment call of Dr. Artis? If school is not called off will many parents keep their children home, thus skewing the count? Does this become a $$$ for the district vs. student safety and well being?

Let's see the true colors of our Michigan winters shine through!

Thomas P. Korte 12:00AM on 2/12/07