Dearborn’s Next Mayor

January 9, 2007

A lot of people have asked my thoughts about the upcoming election for mayor. So here’s what I think, but remember, these are my opinions only.

Jack O’Reilly will be elected the next mayor of Dearborn, Michigan. He loves our city and he knows the territory well.

Maureen Keane-Doran is an excellent candidate and a true public servant, but she has been out of the media’s eye for too long a period. I hope she will run for council some day.

Abed Hammoud has filed his petition but at the last minute I don’t think he’ll run. But Abed is a very smart young man and knows the importance of keeping his name in the public’s eye.

Thomas Tafelski will run but in the process he will lose his council seat. And what will become of his political ambitions after that – I don’t know.

Now, for the rest of the good citizens who have pulled petitions and have filed petitions and are running I wished them good luck, but unfortunately most of them will fade away for another day.

Well, you asked for my opinion, here it is. Now let me know what you think.