A Fordson Student ...writes

January 6, 2007

I am a Junior at Fordson. I have been at FHS sense 9th Grade. I came to Fordson from Woodworth. I linked to this blog from another web page talking about Mr. Fadlallah. I have an opinion I would like to say about Fordson students and the Principals and teachers.

I think there is way too much covering up for trouble makers. We all know there are some students who do whatever they want because they are related to, or parents are friends of one of the Principals or teachers. This is not made up, this happens. I saw an Iraqi kid and a Lebanese kid get into a fight and the Iraqi got OSS for 10 days and the Lebanese kid got only ISS for 1 day and he started it and beat the Iraqi down. The Lebanese kid was one of the principals buddies and always gets off.

The reason we cant get to class on time is because the Counselors at Fordson have our classes all screwed up. How can someone get from A hall to F hall in 5 minutes through tons of people. Back in the day, there used to be doors to go through at the end of B hall to get to G hall so students could get C hall and F hall and D hall and gym, but now the new building is there and we cant do it anymore because there it too many people going up and down the stairs to the new building. Why is it the teachers fault? Sometimes I run and get in trouble for running from the security guards, and than I am late to class. Rather than blame the teachers and students, why cant he talk to who is causing students to have to go through a million people in 5 minutes to get a mile away through a croud. The building has way too many students. Its like being at a pistons game when the game is over and people are trying to get out. You have to move with the slow mob of people to get anywhere and people are standing around goofing off holding up everyone.

Why do students from Detroit come to Fordson? I know many people who walk across Greenfield or go across Tireman to go home. I know a lot of students who live in Detroit who go to Fordson. A lot of the them are not good students and some are trouble makers. Why cant they go to school where they live? I also know that the Principals know who does it too and one of the kids was related to a Principal. Why does our school have to be over filled when it does not have to be?

Why do all the smart students have to leave Fordson and go to the Berry School? We have the same classes they do, but they leave Fordson for half the day to go to Berry. Why doesnt Berry take the screw ups too? Its not fair that our school is getting bad scores because Berry is getting all our smart kids. They tried to get me to go for drafting, but I didnt want to and my Counselor tried to tell me I had to. My mom had to stop her. Thats not fair. Than I got stuck in welding shop when I didnt even want it.

Why are all the good teachers leaving Fordson? The best teachrs from last year left and the year before went to Dearborn and Edsel. We lost our Football coach too and now no one knows who is going to coach the football team here. That sucks! Stergalas was the best and now hes gone.

I am not the best speller or athlete and I am not the best English student either. Im good at math and science and we need the best teachers here at Fordson just like they do at Dearborn and Edsel. 3 of my classes are tought by people who cant control the kids. They throw stuff and swair and spit seeds everywhere and I hate it in those classes. Why cant someone find out why everyone wants to go and how to fix it so good teachers come here. I dont know if its all Mr. Fadlallahs fault, but he is the one in charge. We deserve a good school with good teachers and good coaches and people who belong here, not people who dont. Trouble makers should get OSS like everyone else even if they are related to the Principal or a teacher.

Why cant anyone understand any of this stuff? I thought the school board was supposed to be doing things to make our school better. Its not better and its going to get a lot worse if everyone leaves and all that is left is people who dont know what they are doing.

--by Fordson tractor 08 on 1/6/07 Lives: Dearborn