DPS Board President Jim Schoolmaster writes

January 5, 2007


When it became apparent that a change in leadership was needed at Fordson, we conducted an extensive search within as well as outside of our system. Mr Fadlallah finally agreed to take Fordson although he was very successful at Stout. From first hand experience I know he is a learner and his family are learners. He cares about education and wants the best for each child at Fordson . He refuses to suffer fools gladly and is a disciplinarian.

I think it is important for each of us to decide what would be a failure at Fordson. If it is a failure for a sub-group of special education children who are unable to make adequate yearly progress ? If so, then failures exist in Bloomfield and Troy. What is the incompetence that is or was occurring ?

One thing that Russ Gibb has always done is question and teach others to question. I would like your writer to please set forth his basis for claiming the educational opportunities at Fordson are sub-standard and that Fordson is failing, . Further I would like supporting evidence that the school board tolerates failure.

Please note that administrative changes have occurred frequently since I have been on the Board when it appears that our educational mission is being jeopardized.

Jim Schoolmaster

President, Dearborn Board of Education