A Web Reader Writes to Us...

January 27, 2002

Here's the latest at City Hall! For years, Mayor Guido has pushed for parking on Michigan Avenue. Right? Now he has ordered most doors at City Hall facing Michigan Avenue to be locked "for security reasons." Then a memo goes out changing the story. Now it appears that the cost of special city logo floor mats at the doors, are too expensive and Director of Department of Public Works, Kurt Giberson, needs to cut costs. So he ordered the doors locked and signed "Emergency Exit Only," thereby eliminating a total of 2, count them 2, mats. Meanwhile, 10 to 20 people try coming to the doors to get in, and some of these people are handicapped to boot. Mayor Mikey sure is making City Hall inviting to the residents, isn't he? I'm sure the savings for the two mats also covers Giberson's raise.

- A 'Russ Gibb at Random' Fan