A Parent Writes

January 6, 2006

What is going to happen on Tuesday when there is low attendance for students in the Dearborn Public Schools? The Muslim holiday is on Tuesday. Do I send my kids to school that day, knowing that many schools in Dearborn will be empty? How much is that going to cost: transportation, heating, water, & electricity for empty schools? I understand the calendar is a contractual thing but it's a wasted day. This calendar negotiation was awful. From Dec. 16th to Jan. 16th the students are in school 6 days--- 5 if you do not count next Tuesday. Yes, we have called to complain to the Dearborn Public Schools. Not even an apology for the miscalculation in the calendar. As a retired teacher, do you know why the calendar could not be re-negotiated so that the days off for Muslim Holidays (oops, sorry, Dearborn calls them low attendance days) can be moved if necessary so we don't run into another situation like what's coming up next Tuesday.

Concerned Taxpaying Parent