To The Victors Belong the Spoils

January 22, 2002

City department heads got a nice gift from his honor, the winner, Mayor Michael Guido's "Discretionary" Fund. - No, not the Spaghetti Dinner Fund. This fund is funded by the taxpayers of our great city. And guess what, some department heads got BIG raises. Yep, while lay offs affect many in our town, the Mayor just dolled out some big bucks to all of those that work hard as department heads.

12% went to the Fire Chief, Michael Birrell. While the Department of Spinning, I mean the Director of Public Information, Mary Laundroche, now takes home 76,813 big ones per year, a 28% increase from last year. Remember, puffery is a big biz.

And guess who now makes $101,300 a year? Mark Guido. Yep, the Mayor's assistant. While Santa Guido- I mean Mayor Guido, makes just $123,606 plus bennies. Hey, ribbon cutting is hard work And you gotta admit that the senatorially splendid Guido is a great speaker- one of the best. Plus, his stand up comic schtick is terrific. Make no mistake, our Mayor Guido is an excellent politician and is on his way to bigger and better things. How can you not like him???