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so you think he's funny?

April 6, 2013

OK, I tried. I tried real hard. I tried to watch the John Stewart show. I am sorry. He doesn't do it for me.

Bo-ooo-ring and rather silly for an old man. Also, if you haven't figured out that the laughter is on cue and their reaction is on cue. I'm sure that they have a guy with big signs that light up and say "laugh", "applaud", and "hoot & holler", because if ever I heard guys Hooting and hollering about things that aren't funny it was certainly on the John Stewart Show.

He's tried to pretend that he is a cross between a Conservative and a Liberal, but he's just an unfunny man in my opinion. If you like him that's your problem not mine. I will never watch him again! Bo-ooo-ring!!!