Non-Partisan...Ha Ha Ha!

February 26, 2013

OK...the AARP. I see ads for them all over television, I hear them on the radio, and I see them in magazines. They are the American Association for Retired People. But what they ought to be called is an adjunct of The Democratic Party because that is really what the AARP is all about! Plus they claim that they are a non-profit organization, but they rake in plenty of bucks. Don't fall for the routine that if something is a non-profit that nobody makes any money! The difference between a corporation and a non-profit is that a corporation has to report how much money they give to their administrators, where a non-profit can take any amount that they want to run the operation. It's a scam! oh..and by the way, AARP's CEO , Mr. Addison Barry Rand, has a given salary of $575,000 plus bennies. Not bad for a fellow who represents retired people.

And the American Association of Retired People is a Democratic Operative! If you'll notice they have AARP sponsored insurance companies, sponsored travel agencies, and health services. You name it...they're a big business and they are really part of the Democratic Party. So if you like the Democratic Party join them. If not there is another alternative.....the AMAC.

Now I used to be a Democrat, but I've given up on them and I'm not a Republican, I've given up on them too! So move over, I want Attila the Hun!