The Donald Excoriating The Media

April 8, 2011

I was watching Donald Trump take on Merideth Vieira, from NBC's Today Show, who was all puffed up about how much she knew about Obama's birth certificate. Then Trump deflated her. She didn't know what hit her. Donald Trump demolished her.

Early on in the game the Obama Media Followers tried to "poo poo" the fact that he was not born in this country. Do I believe that he was not born in this country? Why yes I do and I have spent hours and hours on websites from all over the world reading stories. And how many times our big newspaper people do not do their homework? They say, "Well there was an ad about his birth in the newspaper and how do they know?" Well, that's the hospital putting it in and you can go and buy a short term certificate of live birth due to the fact that at the time that they were issuing these Hawaii was just becoming a State and everyone wanted to make sure that they got onto the American Gravy Train. They won't tell you that. Hey "Mr. President" it's easy to solve just show it! Come on Obama! Show it! Why won't he? That's the question.

Donald Trump made a fool out of most of the big time media personalities who simply swallowed the Obama campaign P.R. pap without checking it. Shame on them. They did not do their job before his election. And then when the Donald said that he was sending his own investigators over to Hawaii, boy that made their eyes start rolling like a one eyed cat in a fish market.

OK Chris Matthews, so you're getting a tingling warm feeling down the side of your leg? Do you want a Kleenex?

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