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Getting the Bird

March 26, 2011

One of things that gets to me recently is the number of “non-profit organizations” that are really corporations in disguise. In other words, they use the term “non-profit” in all their ads and so forth, but when you get down to it you find out that they have a bunch of for-profit corporations attached to them. At least in a real corporation you have stock holders who have a vote. In a non-profit it is just a very few people who decide who gets what of the booty.

Two come to mind as I think about these. One is NPR, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. They both run under the cover of the Government and they’re supposedly non-biased. Of coarse anybody who has ever listened to them knows that they have a Liberal slant to them. And if you want to find out what the Government is up to listen to NPR or the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

And then there is Sesame Street. Supposedly that’s just a good kids program, but do you know that the guy who runs it makes millions of dollars off of the sales of Sesame Street merchandise? It’s a racket! And Big Bird’s profits does not go back to the tax payers.

The other one that gets to me is AARP, Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons. They are supposed to be non-profit, but if you look at all of their ads you will find out that they are really a corporation. They have ties to insurance companies, they get money for that, they have ties to medical companies, they get money for that, and they have ties to all kinds of profit making organizations. It’s a con! It’s a con! Wake up!

I used to give money to Public Broadcasting and National Public Radio. I don’t anymore. I still think that they have good shows, but I definitely think that they have a bias. I used to belong to AARP until I realized that they too are a con.

Well it’s up to you. You make up your mind, but I have made up mine.