What Happened to America ???

March 9, 2011

Can you believe the United States of America , the Capitalists center of the world, is being loaned money from the Communist Country called China ? Give me a break!

Can you believe that America lets a bunch of pirates from Africa kill four American citizens and we don’t do anything? Give me a break!

They’re going crazy in Libya with a dictator and what does Obama do? He sends Hilary Clinton to a U.N. Meeting in Geneva Switzerland on civil rights. The U.N….what a bad joke!

Can you believe our states are going deeper and deeper into debt and nobody has the balls to take on the Unions and say enough?!

And then with all this chaos going on here we are letting ourselves be sandbagged by a bunch of sheiks in the Middle East when we have all the oil and gas that we need in our own country, but the environmental do-gooders won’t let us drill nor will President Obama let us drill offshore for the oil that our country desperately needs. And remember the great American Sarah Palin who said, “Drill baby drill”.

Wake up America ! We are under attack!