This Week...

April 12, 2010

So you say that you like to support education! Good for you. I’m going to give you a chance to see something terrific. I don’t know if you know about the kids over at Dearborn High, Edsel High, and Fordson High who attend the video production program over at Dearborn High under the direction of Kurt Doelle, but they are going to have a special showing of "Internal Affairs", "Stealing Graduation", and "True Story: a short animation" for two days at the Guido Theatre this coming Wednesday and Thursday at 7:00 pm. Tickets are $5.00.

You’re going to be amazed. You’re going to say, “…kids can’t do that!” First of all the studio that they have is incredible. It’s developed thanks to a 2 million dollar donation by Michael Berry and some other citizens who have knocked themselves out to give our kids the very best production studio in the country. And of course the productions that they do are amazing. They look just like Hollywood productions.

So… the show goes on at seven and you can get tickets at the door. Take your family to see this. It will be worth your while. The kids in the video production are youngsters. They are only fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen years old and they produce productions that will knock your socks off.

So check it out. There are three productions that they have done. They have a big screen there and they have it in full color and sound. I think that you are really going to like what is going down at WDHS Video. You can find out more at

Alberta and I will be there and we are inviting some of our friends. We hope that you will come and see this show too.

Come on you are big supporters of the school. You support football, basketball, and soccer. Please, come out and support the arts.