shame on the democratic party

March 13, 2009

Most of my life I have known and voted for our Democratic Congressional representative - John Dingell.

John Dingell is one of the most honorable and honest man I have ever known. He is the longest serving representative in the House of Representatives in DC.

Recently, the Democratic leadership stripped him of his position as chairman of the Energy and Commerce committee.

One of the villains in this despicable act was Henry Waxman of California who represents rich liberal Democrats of Malibu. He went after John Dingell because John at one time voted against one of Waxman's Pet Environmental groups. The other villain is speaker of the House, Democrat Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco another Bastian of liberal democratic voters.

In fact Nancy Pelosi campaigned for Lynn Rivers from Ann Arbor Michigan when River's challenged John Dingell for his seat in congress few years ago.

So when these two came to power under president Obama they made sure to strip John of his chairmanship. However, because of their revengeful act they tried to make amends by making John “Emeritus” chairman on Energy and Commerce. Liberal translation "Nice Title, No Power"

Shame on the Democratic Party and powerful labor unions for letting this happen. Let me say this again, John Dingell is one of the most honest and honorable representatives in the US house of Representatives.