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Dearborn Schools Failing

February 2, 2008

A Parent speaks out.

Can someone explain the new "hands off" attendance policy... Going on in the Dearborn Public schools ?

Its simple IN THE DARK, it basically means that students can be absent all they want and the school system cannot do anything about it. A student could miss 30 days of school and teachers are not allowed to fail them because of attendance alone.

It is conceivable that a student could do the assigned work, or at least enough of it just to pass, but they cannot be failed because of attendance. My son's science teacher told me that she has students who have missed half the lab assignments but was told that she can't fail them because of the new policy.

An impromptu survey of my son's teachers and a few others I know at EFHS say that their total number of absences has skyrocketed this year. My son's first hour science teacher says in a class of 28, she has logged over 250 total absences with 180 late and tardy, in just one class. That's 430 total absent, late and tardy in one first hour course. She had three students fail with 16 receive some form of D. That means in a class of 28, just 9 got a C or better. How does our schools system receive accreditation with grades like this? She is not alone people! Every single teacher is reporting similar spikes in attendance and performance drops across the district. Why don't you all check it out?


True or false ?

January 25, 2008

My son started at HFCC in this Winter Semester, We withdrew him in the first week after he reported that 2 of his 5 classes were more unruly than his classrooms at EFHS as many of the students in his classes were duel enrollee's.

Oakland Community College accepted his late registration because the counselor there informed us that they have had a wave of transfers from HFCC in the last fall and current winter semesters.

Oakland Community College is now targeting HFCC students for enrollment with in-district tuition rates for out-of-district HFCC transferee's and has made it clear that they are NOT accepting non-qualified HS enrollee's like HFCC is now doing.

--by See Ya HFCC on 1/22/08 Lives:


Poets Corner

January 23, 2008

A Poem , A farewell.

"Burrrrrl!" They said and off he went
Onto the seat the last guy spent
And in it sat this big ole' guy
Who said to all "let 'okay' fly!"

In left hand he had held the book
Of how to be the district crook
In right hand he had wrote the page
Of how to act the kindly sage

"Oh Burrrrrl!" We cried,
"We have no paper!
Our teachers sit, our students caper!"

"Oh Burrrrrl!" We shout,
"Our kids all fail!
The students play, the teachers wail!"

And there he sat, his face a wreck
His chin curled up, he cracked his neck
A bead of sweat rolled down his brow
Until he shouted, "I get it now!"

He went off to the boards and wrote
A set of goals to put afloat
That may be lower than before
But now the district failed no more!

Said Burrrrrl,
"I changed the game and now it works!
If teachers blame: I'll cut their perks!
I see the best in all progress
So when they fail I'll say 'no less!'

They learned a thing or two this year
How to add a number or spell 'brazierre'
And for that we say, 'you did okay'
And in Dearborn that's like an A!"

--by Brian says you can sing it too... on 1/20/08 Lives: USA


A teacher speaks out.

January 19, 2008

Hi Mr. Gibb,
I teach at one of the high schools in the Dearborn Public Schools and probably should not be writing about this, but frankly I've had enough of the wimps in charge of our schools.
I have a student who was suspended for 10 days for purchasing a stun gun from another student in school. I have no idea what punishment the seller is facing, as he is special ed. The purchaser is not, and got to come back to school after his 10-day suspension. I hear the police ticketed the purchaser for having "a dangerous instrument", not a weapon. How fantastic that this young man is back in school after having that kind of item!!!
I've been reading a lot of the posts here today about DPS and want people to know that as teachers, we want to keep our students and ourselves safe. It's not going to happen when you have people on the hearing board letting kids who sell drugs, assault teachers, threaten to kill teachers, carry weapons, etc. return to DPS. I'm wondering just what it takes to get expelled anymore?? Does someone actually have to be severely injured or killed?
Perhaps if Paul Smith, Marc Zigterman or Wageh Saad would come to our schools and see what we deal with everyday, they would attempt to clean our schools of these students.
Yes, it sounds harsh coming from a teacher (many years in DPS), but it's time our good kids get to go to school in a safe environment. Our principals are good people and do what they can to get paperwork on these kids, but it's the hearing board that allows them to return. If you talk about this, please do not use my name on the computer. I enjoy my job very much but am fed up with the trash that is allowed to stay in our school and basically do whatever they want and get away with it. Thank you for reading this.


Great Job, Fordson & Dearborn high

December 15, 2007

Message from: Unreal,

Most people have probably not forgotten the DHS-FHS football debacle that got so much press on your site -- just wanted to let you know that last night, Fordson and Dearborn played each other in basketball in front of a packed gym, and not one school board member nor the superintendent showed up for the game. In fact, Fordson's principal was not even there. Am I wrong, or might showing up for this game have been a good idea given the events after the football game? Anyways, great crowd, well behaved, lots of fun, and the Fordson staff that was there did a tremendous job organizing the two student sections and wisely had them exit the gym at separate times.


Dearborn Schools ?

December 12, 2007

Message from: Anonymous Teacher,

Hey Russ, Word has it DPS is closing schools next Wednesday because of the EID,Arabic holiday yet nobody has said anything. Technically, the schools are open through Wednesday, the 19th. Has anyone heard anything more about this? Don't you think Artis should make a decision if this is the case?


Strike Up The DHS Band

December 3, 2007

Well, here goes the story, and times-a-wasting. Come on now lets get behind this event. russ

A representative from the Washington, DC Parade Committee contacted the MSBOA (Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association) and asked them if they could recommend a marching band to play in the Memorial Day Parade. The MSBOA chose the DHS Marching Band and we received a formal invitation.

The parade is a huge event. They are having representatives from every state, not necessarily bands, but some form of representation. Our band was chosen to represent the State of Michigan.

Our band director plans trips for our kids and we probably have 60 to 70 kids going, but for this event, he wanted the whole band, if possible. You can imagine in these economic times, that is going to be hard to achieve. The trip will cost roughly $600 per person. That is bus transportation, 3 nights in Washington, DC, breakfast and dinner, plus a full schedule of activities, one being a concert held on the White House lawn, which is televised live on PBS on Memorial Day.

A few parents from the Band Aid Booster Club have volunteered to head up a special fund raising committee. We are trying to raise as much money as possible, so that all the kids who want to go, can go. We know that we will no way raise $60,000, but if we can help ease the financial burden, then we will have an impressive amount of kids marching.

So far these are the things we have planned:

Monday, December 10th at bd's Mongolian BBQ. From 6:00 to 8:00. We will have guest griller's and all tips donated will go directly to the band. We will be having a 50/50 raffle (you need not be present to win), we have Lions Football Tickets, a couple gift baskets, plus half the money raised. We will also be selling plates of Christmas cookies. Some kids will be performing.

Monday, December 17th Buffalo Wild Wings will donate 10% of every patron's bill to the band, provided they bring in a flyer. We're going to pass out flyers at the Sing-A-Long next week, plus we're going to put them in the teacher's mail boxes at the various schools. We're going to also try and have kids stand outside in the parking lot and pass out flyers to people who come in, but the owner said it needs to be a "win win" situation. He's not too keen on us being outside. We'll try though.

We are passing out flyers on December 28th for a bottle drive, and the following week, we'll be by to pick up any donations. We are also checking into having a table at Krogers asking anyone who brings in bottles, if they would donate them to the band for our trip.

We have tentatively planned a spaghetti dinner in January, a pancake breakfast (not sure the month), cosmic bowling in February, a road rally in March.

The only bad thing is the money will have to be turned in some time in the middle of April, so we really can't use April to fund raise.

Dearborn High Parent


Dr Artis and his new business.

November 21, 2007

As most of you know I'm not a big fan of Dr John Burl Artis. the superintended of the Dearborn Schools. I personally belive his policies have done a great deal of harm to the Dearborn School District.
The board of education recently gave "Big John " his walking papers. He has several months left on his contract. Recently he has been taking lots of earned personal leave time off.
On school time, Dr Artis has been attending many educational conferences that the taxpayers of Dearborn are paying for.
Recently I came across Dr john Burl Artis new consulting business web page,
Surprise, .surprise.
Do you think Dr John Burl Artis has been networking for his new business while on the payroll of the Dearborn schools? I'll let you decide .
By the way , is a very attractive web site and I wish Dr Artis and his family well in their new endeavor.
I only wish ,I didn't have the feeling that I, as a Dearborn taxpayer have been underwriting it.

russ gibb


Breakin News

November 20, 2007

Fordson High School had a lock down today. Gun Issue.. more to follow. Update, At around 7:30 am today the Dearborn police via 911 operator received a call that a Fordson high teacher was a target. The school was locked down., and dogs were brought in and the school was searched. No weapons were found. the school reopened at 9:30 PM.


A writer asks a question.

November 19, 2007

The Dearborn Press and Guide Sunday, November 18, 2007 reported that a parent at Henry Ford Elementary School threatened to blow up the school. Police spoke to the stepfather of the children who admitted she had behaved badly. Due to the seriousness of the threat, officers said they would contact the woman and advised the children's stepfather to contact the school to resolve the issue.

Is there a double standard here when an adult threatens to blow up a school verses when a student does the same? Students are charged with a crime when this occurs. Shouldn't a parent be held to at least the same sort of punishment?

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