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I've Been Ill

January 3, 2013

If you have wondered where I have been, I've been off making doctors rich. Here is something that I did several years ago. You might find it interesting if you voted for Obama if you didn't who cares.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, but most of all thank you for just being you.

~russ gibb

May 4, 2010
The Washington Post made a mistake and published a photograph of Malcolm X under a story about Barack Obama. Some people wonder how much of a mistake that really was, or if it was someone trying to recreate the story that Malcolm X and Obama have a lot in common.

Take a look at this video that has been circulating for over a year on the net. As you’re watching it remember, there is strong evidence that Barack Obama’s mother had met Malcolm X. Watch it fully and then come to your own conclusions.


The 2nd Amendment

January 23, 2013

Take a look at this and tell me what you think. I bet they never taught you this in your American History Class.

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Open Up Your Complaint Department!

January 29, 2013

Every year for over 25 years my breakfast has not been complete without opening up and reading The Wall Street Journal.

It has changed over the years...oh editorially, picture-wise, layout-wise you name it. But one thing remained constant up until about a year or so ago and then bingo, the joy of my morning Wall Street Journal evaporated! You can't fold it! You try turning the pages and they don't do it! They don't turn over! I puzzled about this problem with the paper trying to make it into a shape that I can handle while I am having my morning coffee. Guess what? They've made the paper thinner. And as they made it thinner it's harder and harder to read at the breakfast table. Shame on The Wall Street Journal! They oughta' apologize to me or at least given me an opportunity to pay an extra few pennies to have a newspaper that I can fold and read in a gentlemanly sort of way in the morning.

Well, that's just another 'gibbism' about getting old and trying to stay current.

Take a listen:


Russ Raving & Praising America Over 30 Years Ago!

February 9, 2013

Here I am complaining about the Liberal Media. Well, I'm still complaining, but I'm still proud of my country.

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Through the Eyes of Youth Beauty Sometimes Hides

February 10, 2013

Many times the best radio shows come about by chance. Years ago on sort of a rainy day a little girl called me on the air. She wanted to talk about squirrels. Well you may think that I'm nutty, but it is still one of my favorite shows. Listen to what she had to say about her little squirrels.


Be Forewarned

February 12, 2013

Paul Harvey one of the great radio voices who was warning us about what would happen to this country years ago.

More from Paul Harvey featured at this years Superbowl....


Listen up

February 15, 2013

Here are two parts of a trilogy by Paul Harvey. He had so much common sense. I just wish that everyone could hear him. Can you hear him? CAN YOU HEAR HIM?

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Jenny's Day: take 2

February 23, 2013

Well Jenny's Day has done it again. You will recall Jenny's Day is the brain-child and artistic effort of my aid Mrs. Jennifer Estrada.

She started out by doing her little cartoons about raising her four children. She was married pretty young. She was only 19 when she had her first child. She now has two in high school, one in junior high, and a two year old baby. And she draws cartoons. She has no formal art training, but she has a reality training called motherhood. And with this she has projected what it is like to raise four children in today's hectic world.

Take a look at her new book. It's the second edition of her book called Jenny's Day. My guess is that soon enough, people will read this and realize their own trials and tribulations with their own children that studios like Walt Disney, some of the movie studios, or television networks will say let's make a movie about Jenny's Day. We constantly have movies about children, how about having one about a mother who has a real effect on her kids? Well I am hoping that is what happens.

Take a look at her new book. You can find it on Amazon, Jenny's Day. Jeny's Day on Amazon

~russ gibb

You can also find her on her blog @Jenny'


Non-Partisan...Ha Ha Ha!

February 26, 2013

OK...the AARP. I see ads for them all over television, I hear them on the radio, and I see them in magazines. They are the American Association for Retired People. But what they ought to be called is an adjunct of The Democratic Party because that is really what the AARP is all about! Plus they claim that they are a non-profit organization, but they rake in plenty of bucks. Don't fall for the routine that if something is a non-profit that nobody makes any money! The difference between a corporation and a non-profit is that a corporation has to report how much money they give to their administrators, where a non-profit can take any amount that they want to run the operation. It's a scam! oh..and by the way, AARP's CEO , Mr. Addison Barry Rand, has a given salary of $575,000 plus bennies. Not bad for a fellow who represents retired people.

And the American Association of Retired People is a Democratic Operative! If you'll notice they have AARP sponsored insurance companies, sponsored travel agencies, and health services. You name it...they're a big business and they are really part of the Democratic Party. So if you like the Democratic Party join them. If not there is another alternative.....the AMAC.

Now I used to be a Democrat, but I've given up on them and I'm not a Republican, I've given up on them too! So move over, I want Attila the Hun!


"Spelling Lesson"

March 2, 2013

How do you spell Obama? T-A-X! Now How do you spell the Democratic Party? M-O-R-E T-A-X-E-S!!!

I was watching President Obama with his "gift". His "gift" is to talk his way out of any jam that he gets himself into. He's talking about, “Oh, I don't want anyone to get hurt!” And, “Oh, the little-man! We want to save the little-man!” Yeah? “We've got to have their money so that the government can spend it.” I say, let them have it in their own pocket Mr. Obama! They'll spend it! You don't have to worry about the money recirculating! You think that you are the only one who can spend money wisely? You are arrogant, your regime is arrogant, and shame on you!

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