Russ Gibb at Random

He's lost it again!

October 1, 2011

Jennifer Granholm leaves the state
Book: Flashback by Dan Simmons
North Dakota Oil
Nancy Pelosi brother-in-law getting big government loan
Halloween Unicef scam
Michelle Obama Target hype
Vote to get rid of Department of Education
Book of Obama's Mistakes
Laughing stock of the world
You can't spend more than you make

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Russ Gibb Meandering

October 22, 2011

Obama help us!
Solar Panels
Frisker Car
Joe Biden "Creates Jobs" (in Finland)
Teleprompters go MIA
More Oil in North Dakota
Protesters: Occupy Wall Street
Barney Google & Popeye the Sailor man
What were Jack & Jill doing up the hill?
Dearborn Election
Upcoming National Election
The Henry Ford Museum
Mayor O'Reilly
Federal Train Money comes to Dearborn
WDHS Video @ Dearborn High
Tiger Broadcasting 'Blackout'

Mort Neff:
Michigan Outdoors

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Gibb Talking Turkey

November 19, 2011

Occupy Detroit
Nancy making money on the side
Speaking out against kickbacks
Under the Desk
Public vs Private Schools
National Debt
Autumn is upon us
Gems of Dearborn
Say a Prayer for the USA
Greenfield Village & The Henry Ford
Jenny's Day (Blog)
School Board
Gibb's Gifts

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at random

Jenny's Day

November 29, 2011

My secretary, Mrs. Jenny Estrada is an amazing woman. Not only does she put up with me daily, but at home she is the wife of Jesus Estrada and the mother of four young children, Angel 14, Isaiah 13, Isabella 11, and Jordyn 1.

But in her "spare time" she has developed her own comic strip about the daily ups and downs of a family in America in the year 2011.

Take a look and pass it on. I love it because it's real.

Jenny's Day
-russ gibb

at random

Merry Christmas

December 24, 2011

May HIS LIGHT shine on YOU

from russ, tomas and Blackout the fifth

at random

Just one wish

December 31, 2011

My wish for you and yours is that ALL of us have a good New Year. Cheers, russ

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