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February 7, 2007

House Speaker Democrat Nancy Pelosi has requested access to a large Air Force passenger jet that can make nonstop flights to her home district of San Francisco, such as a Boeing C-32. .... Democrats sure talk the talk but sure as hell don't walk the walk. or should I say fly the fly.... The Washington Times


saturday rant

February 10, 2007

Your point of view:
Government pork
Church of the Environment
John Burl Artis
Health Hazzard - Shopping carts
Man and the Environment
Chaos Theory
War and Peace
Naughty Democrats
Naughty Republicans
Political Parties
Who will be The new President of the USA

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Hey , It's all in the Family.

February 12, 2007

Press Release #25/06-07
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 12, 2007
Contact: David Mustonen, Communications Coordinator, (313) 827-3006

Nominate A Teacher Today
No Really, Do It TODAY!

Nomination forms for the 2006-07 Alberta Muirhead Teacher of the Year Award, sponsored by the Dearborn Chamber of Commerce, are now available on the district web site at and on the Dearborn Chamber of Commerce web site at Forms must be completed and turned in by March 16, 2007.
Students can nominate teachers whom they feel have made outstanding contributions to the teaching profession. Preschool through fifth-grade students are asked to describe how their teacher has created a classroom where learning is positive and fun. Middle schoolers (Grades 6-8) will need to explain how their teacher connects classroom learning with everyday life. Students in high school must describe how their teacher is preparing them to be successful beyond high school. Adults are allowed to assist in the application process but nominations must come from students. No more than two teachers can be nominated by a student and applications will be assessed on quality of the nomination, not on the number received. Award judges are members of the Dearborn Chamber Education Committee and are not provided with the teachers’ names.
“The district truly appreciates the Chamber for hosting this yearly event that recognizes outstanding teachers in Dearborn,� commented Dr. Artis, Superintendent of Dearborn Schools
Teachers make a difference in students’ lives. Teachers selected to receive the Teacher of Year award are being recognized as positive role models who consistently provide unique, productive, positive classroom experiences. Nominated teachers may be new or veterans. Applications are also available at all Dearborn Public Schools and the district Administration Office, 18700 Audette. Please mail both sides of the nomination form to the Dearborn Chamber Office, 15544 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn, MI 48126 or fax to (313) 584-9818


D.P.S. Wintergate

February 12, 2007


Taking into account the recent debacle of Dr. John Burl Artis and the delayed closing of the schools for the frigid temps., I do have a scenario to pose to all readers and/or contributers to this site.

A winter weather advisory has been issued for Southeast Michigan indicating a snowfall amounting anywhere from 6 to 9 inches starting Tuesday morning and ending Wednesday morning. If this is correct, and should we get the 9 or so inches of snow, with the roads in hazardous conditions, should Dr. Artis be proactive and cancel school for Wednesday?

Here's the catch. Wednesday is an official student count day. Does this fact affect the judgment call of Dr. Artis? If school is not called off will many parents keep their children home, thus skewing the count? Does this become a $$$ for the district vs. student safety and well being?

Let's see the true colors of our Michigan winters shine through!

Thomas P. Korte 12:00AM on 2/12/07


WOW ..

February 13, 2007

Tue Feb 13 2007 08:31:33 ET at the Henry Ford Museum/ Greenfield Villege . Dearborn , Michigan

"I am happy to be in Michigan this morning. I'm happy to have my brother Scott and Sister Lynn here. And I'm proud to have all my children and grandchildren here too.

"Michigan is where Ann and I were born. It is where we met and fell in love. I still love Ann. And I still love Michigan!

"During my parents' campaigns, I visited all 83 Michigan counties, doing my best to convince Michiganders that Romneys and Republicans could lead the state back to prosperity.

"You know my father as a business leader, a governor, and as an advocate of volunteerism. But he came from humble roots. He labored with lath and plaster. He never graduated from college. But like many other Americans, he made his dreams come true.

"And he made a difference. My father worked here to improve Detroit Schools. He worked to write a new state constitution. And he worked as your governor for six years to get Michigan on the move. His character and integrity left an impression that has lasted through the decades.

"It was Mom who did the lion's share of raising Lynn, Jane, Scott and me. Dad said, that as a successful Mom, she had accomplished more than he. Later she worked in charities, in foster care, in music and the arts, and in volunteerism. She even ran for U.S. Senate.

"I always imagined that I would come back to Michigan someday. That's why I took the bar exam here. I hadn't imagined it would happen this way, but I sure have come back to Michigan today.

"I chose this site for a number of reasons. It's filled with cars and memories. Dad and I loved cars. Most kids read the sports box scores. Dad and I read Automotive News. We came here together, him teaching me about cars that were built before my time.

"The Rambler automobile he championed was the first American car designed and marketed for economy and mileage. He dubbed it a compact car, a car that would slay the gas-guzzling dinosaurs. It transformed the industry.

"This place is not just about automobiles; it is about innovation, innovation that transformed an industry, and in doing so, gave Americans a way of life our grandparents could never have imagined.

"The DC 3 above us was the first true commercial airliner. It transformed aviation from a luxury to a standard mode of transportation.

"Next to us is a Ford hybrid. It is the first giant step away from our reliance on the gasoline engine. It is already changing the world of transportation.

"Just outside is Thomas Edison's laboratory. There, electricity that Benjamin Franklin discovered was transformed from a novelty into a necessity.

"Innovation and transformation have been at the heart of America's success. If there ever was a time when innovation and transformation were needed in government, it is now.

"We have lost faith in government, not in just one party, not in just one house, but in government.

"We are weary of the bickering and bombast, fatigued by the posturing and self-promotion. For even as America faces a new generation of challenges, the halls of government are clogged with petty politics and stuffed with peddlers of influence.

"It is time for innovation and transformation in Washington. It is what our country needs. It is what our people deserve.

"I do not believe Washington can be transformed from within by a lifelong politician. There have been too many deals, too many favors, too many entanglements…and too little real world experience managing, guiding, leading.

"I do not believe Washington can be transformed by someone who has never tried doing such a thing before, in any setting, by someone who has never even managed a corner store, let alone the largest enterprise in the world.

"Throughout my life, I have pursued innovation and transformation. It has taught me the vital lessons that come only from experience, from failures and successes, from the private, public and voluntary sectors, from small and large enterprise, from leading a state, from being in the arena, not just talking about it. Talk is easy, talk is cheap. It is doing that is hard. And it is only in doing that hope and dreams come to life.

"This Christmas, Ann and I gathered my five sons and five daughters-in-law to ask them whether I should run for President.

"We talked about the special time this is in the history of America – the challenges and the opportunities. We talked about the qualities that are needed in our leaders. They were unanimous. They know our hearts. They know our values. They know my experience innovating and transforming, in business, in the Olympics, and in Massachusetts. And they know we love this country.

"And so, with them behind us, with the fine people of Michigan before us, and with my sweetheart beside me, I declare my intention to run for President of the United States.

"It has been said that a person is defined by what he loves and by what he believes and by what he dreams.

"I love America and I believe in the people of America.

"I believe in God and I believe that every person in this great country, and every person on this grand planet, is a child of God. We are all sisters and brothers.

"I believe the family is the foundation of America – and that we must fight to protect and strengthen it.

"I believe in the sanctity of human life.

"I believe that people and their elected representatives should make our laws, not unelected judges.

"I believe we are overtaxed and government is overfed. Washington is spending too much money.

"I believe that homeland security begins with securing our borders.

"I believe the best days of this country are ahead of us, because…

"I believe in America!

"At this critical time, we must 1) transform our role in the world, 2) strengthen our nation, and 3) build a brighter future for the American family.

"Today, as we stare at the face of radical violent Jihad and at the prospect of nuclear epidemic, our military might should not be subject to the whims of ever-changing political agendas. The best ally of peace is a strong America!

"Our role in the world must be defined not only in terms of our might, but also by our willingness to lead, to serve, and to share. We must campaign for freedom and democracy in our own hemisphere, now threatened by a second aspiring strongman. We must extend our hand to Africa's poor and diseased and brutalized. We must lead the world's civilized nations in a partnership that will support moderate Muslim nations and peoples, to help them embrace principles of modernity and defeat violent Jihad. We must link arms with all responsible nations to block Iran from realizing its nuclear ambition. America must never engage and negotiate with Jihadists who want to destroy us, destroy our friends, and destroy our way of life!

"Across the nation, there is debate about our future course in Iraq. Our desire to bring our troops home, safely and soon, is met with our recognition that if Iraq descends into all-out civil war, millions could die; that Iraq's Sunni region could become a base for Al Qaeda; that its Shia region could be seized by Iran; that Kurd tension could destabilize Turkey; and even that the broader Middle East could be drawn into conflict. The possible implications for America and for American interests from such developments could be devastating. It could mean a future with far more military involvement and far more loss of American life. For these reasons, I believe that so long as there is a reasonable prospect of success, our wisest course is to seek stability in Iraq, with additional troops endeavoring to secure the civilian population.

"And no matter how Iraq is resolved, we must honor and care for the veterans who risked their lives, and for the families whose loved ones made the ultimate sacrifice. Our nation has a sacred pact with those who defend freedom. It is a pact we must never break!

"America must regain our standing in the world. Our influence must once again match our generosity. Over the entire 20th century, no nation gave more, shed more precious lives, and took less for itself than America. Our sacrifice for freedom and for human dignity continues unabated. But this is not the way it is seen by others. America's goodness and leadership in the world, must be as bright and bold as our military might!

"America can also overcome our challenges and seize our abundant opportunities here at home, but only if we follow the right course.

"There are some who believe that America's strength comes from government – that challenges call for bigger government, for more regulation of our lives and livelihood, and for more protection and isolation from competition that comes from open markets.

"That is the path that has been taken by much of Europe. It is called the welfare state. It has led to high unemployment and anemic job growth. It is not the path to prosperity and leadership.

"I believe the American people are the source of our strength. They always have been. They always will be. The American people: hard working, educated, innovative, ready to sacrifice for family and country, patriotic, seeking opportunity above dependence, God-fearing, free American people. When we need to call on the strength of America, we should strengthen the American people, not the American government!

"We strengthen the American people by giving them more freedom, by letting them keep more of what they earn, by making sure our schools are providing the skills our children will need for tomorrow, and by keeping America at the leading edge of innovation and technology.

"Our government has become a weight on the American people, sapping their strength and slowing their climb. We must transform our government – to become a government that is smaller and less bureaucratic, one with fewer regulations and more freedom for our people. The innovation we need today is to make government more responsive to the needs of everyday American citizens. It's time to put government in its place, and to put the American people first!

"At America's core are millions of individual families: families of children and parents, aunts and uncles and cousins, grandparents, foster parents. There is no work more important for our nation's future than the work done in the home.

"But the work done in the home isn't getting easier. Values and morals that have long shaped the development of our children are under constant attack. In too many cases, schools are failing. For some, healthcare is inadequate. Family expenses and government taxes take a larger and larger bite. America cannot continue to lead the family of nations if we fail the families at home.

"How is the American family made stronger? With marriage before children. With a mother and a father in the life of every child. With healthcare that is affordable and portable. With schools that succeed. With taxes that are lower. And with leaders who strive to demonstrate enduring values and morality.

"This was the agenda I pursued as Governor of Massachusetts. This is the agenda I will pursue if elected President.

"When I was a boy, the American dream meant a house in the suburbs. The American dream today must mean more than a house. The new American dream should include a strong family, enduring values, excellence in education, dependable and affordable healthcare, secure employment and secure retirement, and a safe and prosperous homeland. It's time to build a new American dream for all of America's families.

"How will this new American dream be built? Our hopes and dreams will inspire us, for we are an optimistic people. But hope alone is just crossing fingers, when what we need is industrious hands. It is time for hope and action. It is time to do, as well as to dream!

"As we look around us in this museum, we see the evidence of American innovation – airplanes, automobiles, appliances. But these are not America's greatest innovation. America's greatest innovation is freedom. Without freedom, we have nothing. With freedom, nothing can hold us back.

"Freedom has made the American dream possible. Freedom will make the new American dream possible. And with the work, sacrifice, and greatness of spirit of the American people, freedom has made America – and will keep America – the greatest nation on earth. God bless America."



What do you think ?

February 14, 2007


Why doesn't the Board fire Artis prior to the end of his contract? This would leave him months short of collecting his pension and send him pandering to another district to seek employment for a few months. Hey, maybe he could even go back to the classroom for a few months! We all realize that he is setting up his own educational consultant firm, getting it ready and running upon his retirement from the DPS. Let's face it, who would be stupid enough to hire him as a consultant anyway?

Let's just cut our losses and cut him loose. We have to look for a new superintendent anyway. What's the difference if we do it now or a year from now? The money spent to pay off the district embarrassment is minimal compared to the frivolous waste that occurs daily in the Dearborn Public Schools. The big question is, can any board members, besides Ms. Dulmage, have the courage to rid the district of it's cancer?

DPS Watch


Hello Russ,

February 15, 2007

I just wanted to take a moment to clear up a few things regarding blocked websites.

As you may know, the Child Internet Protection Act, a federal law, requires the school district to have filtering software in place. This software is mainly used to block out pornography but there are other sites such as chat rooms and gaming sites that can also be harmful to children and/or do not pertain to classroom instruction.

Last week our Media Services Department was performing routine maintenance on our filtering software. During this maintenance period your site (Russ Gibb At Random), along with many other sites, were blocked from district computers for about two hours. I know that your site is no longer blocked because I was able to read about this concern on my district computer.

The other point that I would like to comment on is the issue concerning the district acting as some type of “Big Brother� censor. This is certainly not the case in our district. As I mentioned, the filtering software is used to block out pornography and other internet sites that are not relevant to instruction. However, if a site is blocked, teachers can contact Media Services and request that the site be unblocked. They must explain the reason why students need access and its relevance to the classroom lesson.

Students and staff are using all types of technology, including the internet, everyday in our district as a tool for learning. In fact, our district is truly a leader in using web-based technology as a teaching tool. We have many teachers using i-learn, i-blog and i-seek.

iBlog allows teachers to create their own classroom blog using nothing more than a web browser, such as Explorer or Firefox. From posting homework to pod-casting this easy and effective teaching tool allows teachers to interact with students and parents over the internet.

iLearn gives teachers unprecedented options for breaking down the barriers of a brick-and-mortar classroom and creating a digital classroom. Students can discuss topics brought up in class and even critique each-other’s projects in a safe and secure on-line learning environment.

Teachers share online resources and links to educational websites but, until now, there was not an easy way to share these links through out the district. iSeek is a program designed to be a warehouse of searchable links for educators and parents. iSeek is a custom made “Google� for education, designed and created by our district staff.

From publishing to the internet, sharing resources, or creating a digital classroom, teachers in the Dearborn Public Schools have a comprehensive set of teaching tools that give them the ability to reach out to students in a medium they understand and use: the computer.

Take care,

David Mustonen
Communications Coordinator
Dearborn Public Schools

David Mustonen; 12:


Sunday rant

February 18, 2007

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at random

a world without america

February 21, 2007


Ranting Away

February 25, 2007

World Peace
New Political Party
Jennifer Granholm
Media: CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and BBC
City of Dearborn
New Mayor
Reading and Math Scores
Competition for the Fairlane Club
and Proud to be an American

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