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Number Three. Jan. 12, 07

January 12, 2007

Abed Hammoud just dropped out of the election for mayor of Dearborn.


Hammoud withdraws from Dearborn mayoral race

January 12, 2007

Press release Jan.12/07

DEARBORN ‹ Dearborn mayoral candidate Abed Hammoud announced today that he has withdrawn his candidacy for mayor. The city is holding a special election February 27 to elect a mayor following the death last month of Mayor Michael Guido.

Hammoud's decision came after a breakfast meeting this morning with Mayor Pro Tem and candidate John O'Reilly, Jr. "O'Reilly spelled out his plan for the city and we agreed on most of the issues. I was running to ensure we had a competent and ethical administration, equal application of the law, fiscal responsibility, creative and effective economic development and a transparent and responsive administration. Jack O'Reilly indicated he had the same goals and that he would involve the entire Dearborn community in the process."

"Although I had the full support of my family and a large segment of the Dearborn community, I have decided nonetheless to spare the city from the effort and expense of a campaign." Hammoud said that he had entered the race when it appeared that many serious candidates were running and because of the lack of a primary, anyone could have won. Hammoud said he was concerned for the future of the city and decided to step up to the plate. "Today, I am confident that with my withdrawal, the winner will be a competent and ethical individual," he added, referring to O'Reilly.

"Just over a month after the loss of Mayor Guido, the city needs healing and unity," Hammoud said.

Hammoud thanked all those who contacted him and who expressed support for his campaign.



Answers Please.

January 14, 2007

Hi Russ,

We hear that Dearborn has a financial crisis.????

Only you, Russ, can find out the truth.

Is there a pension deficit?
If so, how much is it?

Are there cost over runs on the $325,000,000 underground rain retention drain project?
If so, how much is it?

How many mils will our taxes go up as a result?

Russ, Thanks for the great website

Concerned Taxpayer


Dr Artis, What about this ?

January 15, 2007

Russ, Please check this out.

DPS Ten Eyck does not care to investigate properly because they are afraid of the race card and the loss of $$$ each student brings. They do investigate-the investigator does find them coming out of Detroit residences and his superior overrides his results. The parents buy leases at Staples and fill them in. As a teacher I have reported students for residency FRAUD. My first year a student on my team was reported and sent the goodbye letter by the director at the time Stuef. Two years later he is back at our building-what changed? Not his address. Stuef was no longer in charge and DPS hired the kids father (not as a teacher). The kid graduated from the district and they still reside in the Westwood school district. When a relative passes the district posts an address for the family so you can send condolences the DH address in the Westwood district was the one posted. It is the address in the Apple Book for the family. I have reported people using commercial addresses and the district has allowed them to stay. Residential managers have been known to "sell leases" so non-residents can use them to commit fraud. Going public is not best for the teacher-we all know we would be retaliated against by Ten Eyck. The teachers who went public a few years ago about problems weren't applauded or supported by Ten Eyck. So don't look for anyone else to stick their neck out

Another teacher Lives: Dearborn


A Reader Writes

January 17, 2007

Mr. Gibb, Have you ever read the Dearborn Underground blog? Mr. Clancy has a great article on the inflammatory rhetoric used by Islamic leaders. "Saturday, January 13, 2007 CAIR Exploits Dearborn Vandalism" This time they are alleging the Muslim on Muslim vandalism that occurred after Saddam's hanging is being instigated by non Muslims. The article is very well written and makes some good points.

T.Lawrence lives: Michigan


Fordson's Demise ???

January 19, 2007

Mr Gibb,

I Suppose that if we define a school as bad based on how much learning is going on, or poor quality of students, Fordson has become the new Miller school of its day. There are exactly two posters on your site who steadfastly defend the horrible conditions at FHS out here while everyone else seem to have some touch with the reality of FHS’s demise. Of course, I think both happen to be Arabic and could care less about the documented abuses of FHS’ administration, but it’s a pattern of behavior for some people within the Arabic community.

Speak into the mike.


Help our schools

January 21, 2007

3rd Annual Mardi Gras on Tuesday, February 13th from 4-10pm
at Dearborn Hills Golf Course Clubhouse (1300 S. Telegraph N of Michigan Ave.)
benefit for the Dearborn Public Schools Education Foundation

$25 pre-sale donation (available at all Dearborn Public Schools or call (313) 562-6481)
$30 at the door

* Hors d'oeuvres from 4-5pm
* Strolling buffet dinner 5-8pm (includes past bar, cajun specialties, carving station, desserts and more)
* Pop, Coffee, Tea and Juice included
* Drink Specials - Cash Bar
* Live Cajun & Zydeco Music by Maison Bleue
* Face Painting & Balloons by Jannie Annie
* Additional Entertainment
* Student Art Work for Sale
* Make your own Masks
* Party Favors
* School Doubloon Competition

Advertising opportunities available. For more information or to purchase tickets call Barb Parker at (313) 562-6481.

Join us for a night of fun and support our schools.



Just the Facts Mr Schoolmaster

January 23, 2007


I have a question that maybe Mr. Schoolmaster can answer or maybe Sharon Dalmadge or any other of the board members. We all know that they read the postings out here as they like to selectively defend their horrible decisions on At Random.

Exactly how many of the following types of teachers and DPS employees are employed at the Berry center, Fordson, EFHS and DHS:

Special Education


Interpreters for the deaf

Could we get the number of students IN THE SEATS (not just enrolled and dont show up to class) in each building as well?

I would like to see if Berry numbers are anywhere on par with the other high schools in relation to the numbers of students there. What many of us are looking for is clear evidence that they are picking the best students from our other schools and placing them at Berry and that they discriminate against those who require special accommodations. One call to HR should be able to get these numbers in minutes Mr. Schoolmaster.

If Mr. Schoolmaster should care to comment, it might prove what has been alleged all along, that Berry is skimming off the good ones and leaving the poor students behind to kill AYP scores. If this guy can defend his buddy Fadlallah out here but can’t come out here and give us some simple numbers on staffing, I say they are clearly hiding something.

--by Just the Facts Mr Schoolmaster on 1/23/07 Lives: Dearborn

at random

Holiday Inn Express

January 24, 2007

The old Les Standford Cadillac dealership, up on Michigan Ave. toward Gulley, is about to move into its new digs next door to Jack Demmer's Lincoln/Mercury dealership.

And waiting in the wings is the new Holiday Inn Express waiting to be built on the old Cadillac site.

Thank heaven, it's not another restaurant. I have personally lost count of the restaurants that have started and failed in Dearborn in the last few years. And rumor has it that a recently erected Tamale stand in Dearborn could use some more business. So help out Dearborn and buy a burrito today.



Gibb -ranting and raving

January 26, 2007

Political correctness
Hillary Clinton – Obama and Richardson
The Liberal Media
Fordson High
Liberal media “on the take”
John Artis – Superintendent of the Dearborn Public Schools
Nepotism in the Schools
The Dearborn Board of Education
Camp Dearborn
Ford Motor Company
Buy American
Village Ford

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