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February 23, 2006

Does Something Smell?


Isn't it odd that Artis and the board are planning to have the vote on the superintendent's raise at Monday's meeting? Have they deliberately timed it this way because the district will be closed for midwinter break? The whole thing smells fishy to me. Also, have you heard anything about a recall???

J. Christy


Hack or Hag?

February 24, 2006

Watching Senator Barbara Boxer, Democratic Party hack from California, trying to nail down secretary of state Condoleezza Rice in a Senate foreign policy meeting was fun.

Boxer kept sourcing her information from the New York Times, as if it still has any credibility left. Poor Barbara doesn't get it. By the way, Condi held her ground.


Resume Enhancement

February 26, 2006

Dr. John Burl Artis returned today from another trip to California, paid for by the tax payers of Dearborn. Dr. John Burl Artis attends a lot of conferences on our dime.

School employees are being laid off and jobs eliminated. The Dearborn School District faces a $12 million deficit. And Dr. John Burl Artis keeps on taking trips.

Could it be the real reason for his jaunts is job networking and resume enhancement???



March 1, 2006

Watching the religious censors going crazy recently, I was reminded of the English writer D. H. Lawrence who had to deal with many censors of the left and the right in his day, and his comment about censorship: "The censor-moron does not really hate anything but the living and growing human consciousness."


A High school education 2006

March 2, 2006

I recently listened to the one sided "lecture" rant of liberal school teacher, Jay Bennish, from Overland High School in the Cherry Creek School District, Colorado. Take a listen and make up your own mind.

In my mind this is indoctrination masquerading as education.


Russ Gibb Jumping Up and Down

March 5, 2006

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It's all bull!

March 7, 2006

Who said the media is all bull?

Take a peak!
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We are with you Mr. mayor

March 7, 2006

Mayor Guido focuses on commitment to Dearborn
as he shares news about cancer treatment

DEARBORN, Mich. – With his signature candor, Mayor Michael A. Guido told city employees that he has started treatment for cancer, but plans on keeping an active work routine.
A forthright Mayor Guido said he is undergoing treatment at the Karmanos Institute as an outpatient, and that his doctors have fully supported his decision to continue working at City Hall.
He expressed confidence in his Karmanos physicians and in their course of treatment. Dr. Philip A. Philip, Karmanos’ professor of medicine and oncology, agreed.
Said Dr. Philip: “We are very hopeful that with newer therapy, we will be able to control the illness, especially since the Mayor’s general health remains very good.�

As Dearborn’s top leader, Mayor Guido will continue to administer the city’s day-to-day operations and pursue initiatives to strengthen city services. His focus will remain on timely tasks, like the fiscal year 2007 budget, and on long term projects, like neighborhood revitalization and downtown redevelopment.
He will curtail his ceremonial duties during this time, trying to reduce his typical 14-16 hour a day schedule, and limit his usual weekend appearances at special events.
In keeping with his upfront approach to addressing pointed information, he said he was sharing the news within days of his diagnosis so that the people of Dearborn would hear the facts firsthand.
An optimistic Mayor Guido said he looks forward to his treatment producing positive results.
In the meantime, he will concentrate on city business.
“I’ve always said that being Mayor of my hometown is the greatest job in the world,� said Guido. “This news doesn’t change the fact that I love this job, and nothing can change my desire to serve the people of Dearborn.
“My commitment to our community will stay as strong as ever.�


Hot time in the city

March 12, 2006

LYNDA M. MUALEM, sister of councilman Bob Abraham who recently was exonerated of any wrong-doings by the Dearborn's Ethics Board, goes after charter commisioner Stephen Dobkowski who acused her brother of ethics violations. Check out her letter to Ms. Debra Walling, Corporation Counsel City of Dearborn:

Dear Ms. Walling,

I am writing to voice concern over the apparent misconduct of Charter Commissioner, Steven Dobkowski. I feel that Mr. Dobkowski has numerous personal conflicts that prevent him from carrying out his elected duties and uses his elected position to further a personal agenda. In doing so Mr. Dobkowski violates the Charter in which has been elected to revise, demonstrating grounds for his removal from his Charter Commissioner position.

Mr. Dobkowski has received a court order from the City to demolish his property. Not only has he refused to comply with the order, but he has filed suit against the City. This demonstrates a personal conflict of interest. According to sections 3.1 and 6.14 (e) of the Charter, the officer must fully disclose in writing to the Board of Ethics the nature of the conflict. Has Mr. Dobkowski disclosed his conflict in writing to the Board of Ethics?

The delinquent tax monies owed to the city for his property on Horger Street is clearly default. As stated in the Charter, the City shall not give an official position to any person who is in default to the City. This leads me to question how Mr. Dobkowski is allowed hold this elected office.

Mr. Dobkowski not only violates the Charter but also votes and participates in Charter Committee discussions in which he has a conflict of interest. He states that the Board of Ethics need to hold elected officials to high standards of conduct, yet he openly violates the rules of conduct laid out in the City Charter. Not once has he recused himself from discussion of any agenda item that conflicts with his own personal problems nor has he disclosed his conflicts publicly to the committee.

At a recent meeting Mr. Dobkowski, who has been elected by the citizens to review and revise the City Charter, acted as union steward for DPW employees. As an Executive Board Member of the Dearborn Federation of Teachers, I know first-hand that it is highly improper to discuss anything having to do with union negotiations in a public forum, especially when those negotiations are ongoing. This behavior demonstrates that Mr. Dobkowski misuses his position to further his own political agenda and that of others.

Lastly, if Mr. Dobkowski’s house cannot be occupied, where does he live? Is he residing within the City? Has he given proof of residence? The Charter clearly states that elected officers must be a resident and registered voter in the City.

I am requesting that the City and the Board of Ethics look in to these matters and hold the City’s elected officials to the high standards spelled out in the City Charter. If Mr. Dobkowski is in violation of the document he has been elected to revise, he should be immediately removed from his position.

Lynda M. Mualem


A Reader Writes

March 14, 2006


It is no wonder that East Dearborn has become such a dirty crap hole! Does anyone think that this house that belongs to Stephen Dobkowski would be allowed to stand on Grindley Park or Dartmouth Street or Silvery Lane? It wouldn’t happen in a million years! If our council people or Mayor had this house across the street from them, it would get immediate action. None of these people live in East Dearborn so I guess no one cares because no one has to deal with it first hand.

This is just one more gleaming example of the double standard that our city government perpetuates and a brilliant example of how our city officials have totally turned its back on the good citizens of East Dearborn unless they are putting in a dollar store or smoke shop. Sure Michigan Ave looks great, but the neighborhoods are falling apart in East Dearborn, and the city who is supposed to help protect us against this blight is now part of the problem.

East Dearborn, because of oversight like this, is quickly becoming less a part of Dearborn and more an extension of Detroit. This is why the price of homes in Dearborn is in a free fall and every block in East Dearborn has multiple for sale signs and foreclosures. This is why homes sit for sale for months and years because no one wants to live in a slum! The city does not care about East Dearborn any more and this is a great example of that fact.


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