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New York, Watch Out!

January 14, 2006

Ashley Parker, senior at Central Michigan University and 2002 graduate of Dearborn High, got her first big time publishing break writing a stringer article about rock star Alice Cooper. It appeared in USA Today, and the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News parade magazine section.
Take a read:

Alice Cooper says the world is so tumultuous even he can't shock an audience anymore. "In the "70s, I would cut my head off [onstage]," he says. "It was shocking, because there was nothing to compare. Now you turn on CNN and there is someone really getting his head cut off by terrorists." On his latest CD, "Dirty Diamonds," and in an international tour, Cooper, 57, is taking fans back to "70s music that's not overproduced. And he finds off-stage pursuits more arresting, like "the idea that Alice Cooper plays golf well enough to play with Tiger Woods. To me, that's shocking."
Ashley Parker


Political Parties

January 16, 2006

I don't know about you, but I just about given up on political parties. The Democratic Party lost me a long time ago, and the Republican Party is losing me fast. Independent, that is the way of the future.


A Parent Writes

January 16, 2006

Dearborn's Public Schools Failure


After seeing Trustee Blackburn assure parents at Monday's Board Meeting that Tuesday would be a day of learning for our students, I sent my son to middle school Tuesday. He ended up watching a movie all day, which our high tech media distribution system allowed all classrooms to watch at the same time in the comfort of their rooms.

Not only was Tuesday not "a day of learning" for my student, but all after school activities were cancelled for the day. Either it should have been a school day, complete with everything that makes up a normal school day, or it should have been a day off school. To me, the lack of teaching and the cancellation of activities was a clear message to the students in school that day that they don't matter, and that they count only as an attendance number! What a terrible message and how unfair to those that treated that day as a real school day and showed up.

The Board and the District made a complete mess of this situation. The 41% attendance number was completely predictable, and school should have been cancelled in advance. It appears our decision makers would rather stick to a bad decision than admit to an error and fix it.

A Disgusted Parent


Another Angry Parent

January 17, 2006


This parent is right on! At the last board meeting Trustee Aimee Blackburn said, "We made a mistake." Dr. Artis was quick to correct her by stating, "This was not a mistake." It seems as if we have a leader with an ego problem.




January 17, 2006

"We have allowed the schools to fall into the hands of fools and charlatans, and we pay the price."

Fred Reed
Author, Nekkid in Austin;


What's Going On At Bryant?

January 18, 2006

Is it true that survaillance cameras were installed at Bryant Middle School without the staff being notified???
Maybe we should call the American Civil Liberties Union.


West Dearborn Paid Parking

January 18, 2006

Looks like somebody swiped all the covers from the parking meters in west Dearborn and good citizens are now paying for parking. How about that? Doug Thomas where are you now that we need you?


Getting the Message?

January 19, 2006

Dr. John Burl Artis has been told by the board of education to "lighten up" and do a better job of interacting with dearborn citizens, staff and students.

Recently, I spoke with some of the WDHS video students that help him to produce his cable TV show and all of them gave him a "thumbs up - nice guy salute".

Lets hope this conversion is for real and not just another Dr. John Burl Artis' ploy to get a salary raise.


''Let Them Eat Cake''

January 21, 2006

The Dearborn School Board, Superintendent Salary Committee, made up of board president James Schoolmaster (313-982-1674), trustees Aimee Blackburn (313-563-7964) and Joseph Guido (313-278-2702) are getting ready to announce a salary increase for Dr John Burl Artis. The superintendent is already making over $200,000 a year with perks.

The Ford Motor Company is to announce Monday morning that over 30 000 of its employees will be let go and several plants will be permanently closed. And Monday night at the Dearborn school board meeting our "citizen representatives" will propose a raise for Dr John Burl Artis. Do these school board members have any common sense?
Dr John Burl Artis present salary should be more than enough to keep him out of the Grosse Pointe poor house.

As author, Fred Reed, says "We have allowed the schools to fall into the hands of fools and charlatans, and we pay the price". And in Dearborn we are really paying, paying and paying.


Come on and take a free ride!

January 22, 2006

Dear Russ,

Rumor has it that Dearborn School Board Superintendent, Dr. John Burl Artis, has been handing out political favors to his supporters in the form of free school bus transportation for students who are attending schools of choice. The schools of choice rules state very clearly that parents must provide the transportation for their children.

If this is true that some schools of choice students are getting transported on Dearborn public school buses then it's only fair that ALL students of schools of choice get a free ride.

A parent

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