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Take That You Media Dogs!

January 3, 2006

Dear President Bush,

As an American who has not forgotten the 3000 souls that were murdered by Islamic terrorist in New York on 9/11, I say, Mr. President, gather all the information you can via secret wire taps ect. if it protects our beloved America.

Go for it! And to hell with the liberal media and their running dogs in the New York Times, LA Times, Washington post, NBC news and the CNN TV.God Bless America.


russ gibb


Taxpayer Writes

January 5, 2006

With Dr. John Burl Artis and Bob (Rasputin) Cipriano crying budget crisis again and again this new year, why are the Dearborn Public Schools ADDING an extra day off for teachers, Martin Luther King Day. Non teachers ARE working on a day off for teachers, so expenses are had but no instruction being given. This day was traditionally a holiday only at HFCC, with the Public Schools getting Good Friday off....

a concerned taxpayer


A Parent Writes

January 6, 2006

What is going to happen on Tuesday when there is low attendance for students in the Dearborn Public Schools? The Muslim holiday is on Tuesday. Do I send my kids to school that day, knowing that many schools in Dearborn will be empty? How much is that going to cost: transportation, heating, water, & electricity for empty schools? I understand the calendar is a contractual thing but it's a wasted day. This calendar negotiation was awful. From Dec. 16th to Jan. 16th the students are in school 6 days--- 5 if you do not count next Tuesday. Yes, we have called to complain to the Dearborn Public Schools. Not even an apology for the miscalculation in the calendar. As a retired teacher, do you know why the calendar could not be re-negotiated so that the days off for Muslim Holidays (oops, sorry, Dearborn calls them low attendance days) can be moved if necessary so we don't run into another situation like what's coming up next Tuesday.

Concerned Taxpaying Parent


Baffled Writes

January 6, 2006

The Martin Luther King Jr. day off with pay has been taken away from non-instructional staff. We can take the day off without pay or we can come into our buildings and have our superiors put us to work. Without kids some of us will be working out of job classification which will lead to grievances. Who is the smart one who caused all of this?The other brilliant event is that the Muslim holiday starts on Tuesday and we are scheduled to have school. There will be no Muslim children reporting to class that day which means the day will not count. Again who is responsible. This holiday is on the calendar 3 years in advance. Signed baffled!!!!


A Disgruntled School Employee

January 8, 2006

Please find out how much Dr. John Burl Artis spends of tax-payers' money on his "little" trips and educational meetings?

signed underground in administrative Service Center

at random

Gibb Makes the Wall Street Journal

January 9, 2006

As some of you know, in my other life I was a DJ on WKMH KEENER radio and had my first fifteen minutes of fame when I played a Beatles' song backwards and it said very clearly "I buried Paul." The rumor of Paul's death swept the world. It was obviously a hoax. But today Monday, January 09, 2006 the Wall Street Journal wrote a front page story about a guy in Canada who has been playing records backwards, and finding all kinds of weird sayings and hidden messages. But guess who gets credit in the article for first playing records backwards? Yours truly big sur. That's russ gibb spelled backwards – have fun.


Dr. John Burl Artis Job Shopping

January 10, 2006

Dr. John Burl Artis, superintendent of Dearborn, is looking for another job. Surprise, surprise! He recently applied for the superintendency of the Grand Rapids Public Schools.
Could this be a ploy of Dr. John Burl Artis to make sure to get what he wants money-wise out of the Dearborn School Board by threatening to leave?
Lets hope the members of the Dearborn School Board will not fall for this type of game playing by Dr. John Burl Artis.


A Reader Writes

January 11, 2006

No Mention of God

I missed the Dearborn inaugural ceremonies and the swearing-in of our city officials this month, but was told by some who were there that our Democratic Governor Granholm would not use the words "so help you God" in the verbiage normally used in this type of ceremony. I wonder if she is one who also refused to say Merry Christmas in favor of Happy Holidays. Another case of political correctness gone wild!

A Proud American


What Do You Think?

January 12, 2006

Does PhD stand for Piled higher and deeper?
Take a look at the resume of Dr. John Burl Artis that is being hyped in Grand Rapids, Michigan as he applies for the position of the superintendent of schools:

click on the following link and then enlarge the resumeby clicking on it again:

at random


January 14, 2006

Who said that Lutherans don't have a sense of humor?

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