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Power Outages

July 14, 2005

DTE Energy power outages in Dearborn are becoming more and more frequent.

Mayor Michael Guido has developed a five point action plan to force DTE to upgrade their facilities in Dearborn.

Step 1: Work with the West Dearborn Merchants Association to develop a class action lawsuit against DTE for lost business, etc.

Step 2: Present a citizen backed petition to the Michigan Public Service Commission asking for DTE to be ordered to upgrade their Dearborn system to provide adequate and reliable power to Dearborn now and in the future.

Step 3: Ask the Michigan legislature and the Public Service Commission to allow Dearborn to own power cables over public highways. Presently that's a power company monopoly privilege.

Step 4: Create an energy improvement district which would place mini electrical generators powered by gas throughout the city to be used by the community in emergencies.

Step 5: Hire an electrical consultant/ engineer to survey the total DTE infrastructure in Dearborn and log the condition and age of all their equipment. Also to figure out the amount of cash DTE takes in from Dearborn and if we are getting a bang for our bucks.

Go get 'em Mayor Guido.


California Dreaming

July 25, 2005

Is it true that Superintendent of Schools Dr. John Burl Artis is taking a trip with seven school administrators and Dearborn School Board members Aimee Blackburn and Mary Lane and Dearborn Federation of Teachers President Kevin Harris? They are going to Stanford University in California to learn about school problems.

Hey, not to worry – the trip is being bankrolled by an educational grant. Translation: Taxpayer's dollars once removed. It seems that only airfares are to be coming from Dearborn School funds.

Of course don't forget we're laying off teachers and charging parents if their students want to play sports.

Say it isn't true.


A Reader Writes

August 3, 2005

Dear Mr. Gibb,

I read this week in the Dearborn Press and Guide that School Board Member Aimee Blackburn had some very nice things to say about Superintendent Dr. John Artis . I'd say nice things too if I were being bought off with a free trip to California.

-A Disgusted Dearborn Parent


Double Header

August 4, 2005

This week's Dearborn Times-Herald is a must read. See the editorial page and read Frank Bewick's column on the failing Dearborn public school system. Then see columnist Tom Edward's assessment of the Democratic Party's failing leadership.

The Times-Herald saying it like it is.


Important Notice

August 8, 2005

Dearborn School Board Member Joe Guido had bypass surgery today. So far the news is good.


Silence of the Media

August 10, 2005

Two Iranian teenagers aged 17 and 18 were executed recently for the Islamic crime of being gay. Yet, the liberal media and gay press have been strangely silent. Why???
Remember when a young gay was brutally murdered out west a few years ago. The story ran for weeks and weeks. Why the deadly silence?? Could it be that the Democratic Party and their liberal media running dogs don't want to admit that maybe Bush is doing something right??


What do you think?

August 10, 2005

Is multiculturalism protected by institutional political correctness destroying the national unity of American culture?

What do you think?


When will they learn?

August 11, 2005

When will the Democratic party wake up to the fact that they have been catering to their minority clients and that they are ignoring the majority of Americans?

Wake up!


A Reader Writes

August 11, 2005

Dear Russ,

What is going on with Gerry Stockwell of the Dearborn School Board? Word on the street is he's taking orders from that overzealous Aimee Blackburn.Am I imagining it or weren't those two not on the best of terms once upon a time? Hell, I remember when Aimee Blackburn was a thorn in Dr. John Burl Artis' side (among other places). Nowadays, they're the best of friends. What gives? Obviously, some kind of deal's been cut. It's sickening to see the high amount of pettiness amongst this school board. What kind of example is this setting for the children?

A Disgusted Dearborn Parent


Performance Evaluation for John Burl Artis

August 13, 2005

The August 3 Dearborn Press and Guide had an article about the subject event. School Board member Blackburn is quoted as saying in her opinion it is not a question of whether to extend the contract but for how long to extend it. She made this statement AT THE START OF THE EVALUATION PROCESS.

Given all that has gone on in the Dearborn school system during the past school year (both publicily and behind closed doors) I find Blackburn's statement truly amazing.

Another Disgruntled Resident

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