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Abed Hammoud will not run for Dearborn Mayor in 2005

May 5, 2005

Dearborn - Attorney Abed Hammoud announced today that he will not seek the office of Mayor of Dearborn this election year. Hammoud, who currently works as a Lead Attorney in the Wayne County ProsecutorĀ¹s Office, was one of two finalists in the last mayoral race in 2001.

'This decision was reached after extensive discussions with community leaders, supporters, and my family,' said Hammoud. He added: 'I have never been known to shy away from a political fight, but this is not about me, it is about our city.' Hammoud said that the success of his last campaign had motivated some positive change in the current city government.

'After frank discussions with City and community leaders, I feel that we can capitalize on this progress and continue to push for more steps in the right direction. There is much more that needs to be done, but we want to avoid a divisive campaign. Our city needs to be more united. Our government needs to treat all residents equally and with respect, without even the appearance of cronyism or corruption. Our laws and ordinances should be enforced equally and in a fair manner. We expect this to happen,' added Hammoud.

Hammoud thanked his supporters for their words of encouragement and assured them that he will remain as involved as ever in Dearborn. 'While my name will not be on the ballot this election, I pledge to continue my campaign to unite our city and make it the best possible place to live in. Together we will make Dearborn better,' said Hammoud.



May 5, 2005

Yesterday I visited the Dearborn Public Schools City "Wide Art Exhibit" at the Padzieski Art Gallery in the Ford Community and Performing Art Center in Dearborn.
You will be amazed of the incredible art work that the students produced.
This is one show you cannot afford to miss and it's free!
It Is running from May 3rd to May 30th.
Do check it out!


Invisible Administrators

May 5, 2005

Dear Russ,
The other night I was at the Dearborn Public School district art show and the only high school principal that was there was Dearborn High's principal Gail Shankman. Wendy Sample, art administrator, took the stage in front of an auditorium packed full of young artists and their parents. She asked if Dr. John Burl Artist was there yet? Obviously with the assumption that he would be there. She said "well I will talk to kill time until he gets here."
He never showed up!
Another story... Edsel Ford had the induction of 26 students into the first in Michigan Spanish National Honor Society. Not one administrator was there. And they were invited. I just don't get it.
Concerned Parent



May 7, 2005

Dr. John Burl Artist called me this afternoon to respond to the concerned parent letter that he did not show up for the ceremonies at the students' Art Show at the Performing Art Center. He said that he was very sorry, but an emergency came up and he could not make it.
Fair enough. Emergencies do come up.
However, I am sure that the Dearborn School Board has supplied Dr. John Burl Artist with a cell phone, and lots of minions back in the administration center that do his bidding.
Question: Why did not he call them and ask them to message the Performing Art Center to explain his absence???


Poor John Dingell

May 13, 2005

I have voted for democratic representative John Dingell for most of my life. Yet, in the last few years John Dingell once a proud independent thinking democrat has in my estimation become nothing but a Democratic Party hack. He seems to vote at his party call and he has given up thinking for himself at all.

Gun Control
When that became a mantra for the liberal left, John resigned from the National Rifle Association

His website has become politically correct with an Arabic language section, but no sections for Polish, Italian or other minority groups. How fair is that?

And most recently he has voiced a concern that it may be illegal for public radio to have more conservative programming. John, give me a break. Public radio has been a liberal / democratic puff organization for years.

Yes, poor John Dingell has left those of us who had at one time thought that he was a fair and balanced democrat.

Sorry, not anymore.


Hold the Phone

May 13, 2005

Dr. Cheryl Kreger, Dearborn deputy superintendent of schools has rescinded her resignation and plans to stay with the Dearborn Public Schools.
But wait! Dr. Kreger would make an excellent replacement for Henry Ford Community College president, Dr. Andrew Mazzara, who is retiring at the end of December. She is a hometown person and knows well the teritory.


Liberal Bias?

May 15, 2005

Citizens of Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan gave $211,594 to democrat John Kerry's failed presidential bid, while republican George W. Bush successful campaign received only $33,905.
Does this tell you something about ours liberal college campuses?


A Young Person Writes

May 19, 2005

Mr. Gibb, I am a 20 year old person working for the city of Dearborn and I am appalled at the number of non-resident part time employees working within the city when there are approximately 1,100 students who graduate from our high schools every year. Many of my peers ask how I got a job in my department when there is such a limited availability. They are also concerned about getting a job before starting college. I feel that part-time jobs should only be given to Dearborn residents. There are not many part-time jobs in Dearborn open during the summer months and allowing non-residents from Downriver and western Wayne county suburbs to take these positions is blatantly inept albeit we have enough residents to take these jobs.
Thank you, Concerned Y.A.


Dearborn High Video Students Win BIG

May 19, 2005

Dearborn High Video teacher Kurt Doelle and his students recently won big in the National Anti-drinking competition called "Courageous Persuaders".
Taking the grand prize of $3,000 was Edsel Ford Video student Keith Wilson with Dearborn High student Stephen Joseph taking the Adcrafter's $2,000 award for the best animation, and Dearborn High Video student Matt Theisen taking the second place prize of $1,000. And on the same night, Dearborn student Jim Parker won over a $1,000 in the Otto Rowan Video scholarship competition, sponsored by the Dearborn Rotary Club.You can see and hear the prize winning videos by clicking on


Pioneer Spirit

May 22, 2005

Dear Mr. Gibb,

I wanted to pass on my wife's press release regarding her City Council plans for this year, and her formation of an exploratory committee for District Court Judge in Dearborn Heights.

Cathy Heise is a 1979 Dearborn High graduate and was Miss Dearborn 1978. We have lived in Dearborn Heights since 1997 when I moved here to work as Mayor Canfield's Assistant. Cathy was elected to the Dearborn Heights City Council in 2003. She is also a professional harpist; you may remember that she played at the Dearborn Animal Shelter's black tie event last year. Cathy also donates her musical services to Oakwood Hospital as part of their "Arts for the Spirit" program, where she plays the harp for patients there. We are really proud of her.

Please feel free to put this info on your website. There are a lot of Dearborn Heights folks who tune in!

Kurt L. Heise
DHS Class of 1984

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