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Do You Believe in Magic?

December 16, 2005

Take a look at this video, but please don't e-mail me and tell me how it's done.
I already know, so go have some fun.

To see the video click here:

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The Hyphen Tyranny

December 18, 2005

Pardon me for being politically incorrect, but I am sick of hyphenated Americans. Arab-Americans, African-Americans, Latino-Americans, ect. ect. ect. You want to live here, you become a citizen, you become an American and not a hyphenated American.
Multi-culturism is destroying America. We do have a unifying common denominator in America and it's called the English language and it's not hyphenated. To hell I say with the hyphens.


Desperate Democrats

December 21, 2005

The New York Slime's newspaper and Newsqeek's magazine recently let go a media blitz to destroy President Bush, and the Patriot Act. They claim he was spying on Americans. As if this was something that was unheard of.

The only trouble is that they did not tell you that President Carter and President Clinton used the exact same executive privilege law when they were trying to defend America against terrorist attacks.

The Democrats are desperate. This despicable political/media ploy will backfire on them!

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Did You Know?

December 22, 2005

Did you know that 40 per cent of American school students come from single parent families?

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Merry Christmas

December 24, 2005



What's He Worth?

December 27, 2005

Rumors are flying that Dearborn's superintendent of Public Schools Dr. John Burl Artis makes over $200,000 a year, when you factor in his perks, also that he is now asking for a 10-12% raise.
What do you think?... Is it maybe time for him to drive home to Grosse Pointe and stay?!


A Dearborn Teacher Writes

December 28, 2005

Dear Russ,

I have heard numerous times over and over from my administrator, Dr. John Burl Artis' concerns about the education here in our city are "numeracy and literacy". That's what I was told to focus on; a command from the powers that be.

Our math program is a joke. I would love for Dr. Artis to come in for a week into my classroom and see what I have to deal with on a daily basis. 3/4 of my class are reading way below grade level. They cannot read and understand the math program Dr. Artis HAD to have. And literacy? What a joke. Differentiated instruction is what we're told. 26 students in a classroom and we HAVE TO teach small groups at all times to ensure children are learning. Why? The data says so. That's what Dr. Artis and his crew have based their theories on. It's the data. "This is what research is showing". If that is the case, then why aren't we progressing farther?

Anonyous Educator in Dearborn

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Happy New Year 2006

December 31, 2005

All of us here at russgibb@random wish you a healthy, prosperous and happy New Year!

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