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So Long Agnes, Hello Jack O'Reilly

November 15, 2004

Governor Jennifer Granholm is a very smart lady, and in the future I'm sure she'll appoint Dearborn Council President Jack O'Reilly to be the new judge in Dearborn's 17th District Court. Smart Move.

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November 15, 2004

Is Pier One on Michigan Ave. about to close shop and say good-bye to Dearborn?


A Dear John Letter

November 26, 2004

The Dearborn Schools under the guidance of Dr. John Burl Artis are in total disarray. Scandals at Dearborn and Fordson and now both Fordson and Edsel Highschools failing to make passing grades for the State of Michigan. Plus Dr. John Burl Artis has been making so many trips to conferences that sometimes I wonder who's watching the system.

Maybe it's time for the members of the Dearborn School Board to step up to the podium and say goodbye to the pride of Grosse Pointe Dr. John Burl Artis.

After all he is underpaid for the job that we expect him to do and maybe even he is thinking of moving on to greener pastures.


European Awaking

November 28, 2004

For an interesting take on Islamic terrorism in Europe you may wish to read this op-ed piece by Tony Blankley.

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A Reader Writes

December 9, 2004

Hi Russ

The Henry Ford has put an end to the 67 year history of traditional dancing in Lovett Hall.

The ' Last Dance' will be Sunday, Feb. 6.

Although the monthly dance, led by Glen Morningstar since 1981, has drawn 200 - 300 dancers,it has been subsidized by the HF education interests. It is now part of 'catering'. No more dancing.

Of course, Henry built the place way-back-when for community dancing. Got old Ben Lovett to move here from his dance gig in New England lead the dances here. Ben taught 'dancing & comportment' in the schools for a good while.

Of course, that was before the Grande.

But that, among other things was 'community dancing'. And though Morningstar's band ain't Pentangle , it's all the same when the tunes are flowing and the dance is on. But things change, right?

Thanks for listening. Time for more coffee.

D. Cardwell


I Don't Get It

December 21, 2004

Islamic terrorists go about chopping heads off and blowing people asunder without the benefits of a trial for their victims. Yet, do gooder, bleeding heart liberals here and in Europe are still making a fuss about a few cases of abuse at the Abu Ghraib prison. Where a few terrorist prisoners had collars put around their necks and were force to wear some women's clothing - Shame, Shame!

You will notice that the same Islamic fundamentalist terrorists, have no problem in stashing weapons in their mosques and many times have escaped our troops wearing female clothing.

It's all liberal BS that these terrorists are being abused. I'd say, chop off their heads and give them a little bit of their own Islamic "Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth" justice.

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A Christmas Greeting

December 24, 2004

Here's a hearty "Thank You" for your good will and my best wishes for your prosperity in The New year.
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