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A Very Smart Liberal

April 2, 2003

Nat Hentoff, a to-the-left writer for the liberal,(i.e. The Democratic Party's), New York's The Village Voice newspaper has written a must-read column on "Why We Are at War."


A Citizen Writes...

April 6, 2003

Recently there was an article in the paper about comcast raising the fees for cable. Well my bill went up $3.00 and not only that they changed the color of the menu. Now its dark blue color and very hard to read. I could only imagine that most of the seniors have a hard time reading it. I know that I do. When we called to complain the man on the other end said that comcast is not in charge of the menu and they plan on getting rid of the menu in the future and said that we will have to us the t.v. guide. Well I think that its time to start looking elsewhere. I know I am.

Dearborn Mi.


Listen to This

April 8, 2003

If you really want to know why we're in Iraq and ifyou are willing to get by your liberal biased viewsfor 60 seconds - listen to this.


Dingell Can You Hear Me?

April 9, 2003

Democratic Representative John Dingell- I voted for you. I respected you. But how could you let the Democratic Party left mislead you so on the Iraqi war for freedom? Shame on the Democratic Party. Shame on you, John Dingell.


Hurrah! Hurrah!

April 10, 2003

The live TV pictures that were coming out of Baghdad showing the joys of the freedom of the Iraqi people were incredible. Finally the nay-sayers of the liberal New York Times, Washington Post and the LA Times have been shown up for the liberal Democratic Party propagandists that they are. Ditto for ABC news, CBS news, and NBC news-liberal media running dogs of the Democratic Party. They are totally out of touch with most Americans.


Regarding John Dingell: A Reader Writes

April 12, 2003

I totally agree with you Russ, I think Big John has lost his guts, when he listens to his party for their direction, instead of being the leader he used to be, that tells me that he has also lost his marbles. Shame on you Big John this is one person who says you can count on me never voting for you again, since you now want to go along with your cronies, instead of having the balls to think for yourself, as you used to do.

- The Queen


Boycott France

April 16, 2003

Remember, not only did the French NOT help us in the Iraqi Freedom Campaign, but they actively tried to subvert us. Boycott Dannon yogurt, Yoplait yogurt, Good Year and Michelin Tires, BIC pens, and whatever you do, don't travel to France or Quebec, Canada. To hell with them.


Well, well, well

April 22, 2003

Guess what? A funny thing was discovered today by American troops on their way to Baghdad. The United Nations "money for food program" was spent on all kinds of "fun and game toys", the non-edible sort, by Saddam and his thugs. And surprise, surprise- guess who sold the Iraqi mob most of these "toys"? France, Germany, and Russia. Shame on them- shame!


Give Us a Break

April 26, 2003

Watching the liberal media going wild about the price of speaking out against the Iraqi freedom campaign is making me sick. NBC, MSNBC, and CNBC have been particularly bad. Pity the poor Dixie Chicks, or should I say Dixie Dips? If anyone speaks out on any controversial subject today they get hammered. What else is new? Freedom works both ways. Freedom to speak out and freedom not to buy concert tickets or CD's of the Dixie Dips.


Bewick Wisdom

April 30, 2003

Frank Bewick the publisher emeritus of the TimesHerald newspaper, has more wisdom in the tip of hispen than many other educated PhDs have in all theirdissertations.

A few weeks ago in his column in the DearbornTimes-Herald he pointed out that our public educationis failing. How right he is. We spend more money thanever and more and more of our students are failing.You don't need studies to prove this. Just look aboutyou.

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