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February 17, 2003

What do you think about the fact that the Dearborn Public Schools sent 30 bilingual employees to a conference in New Orleans a few weeks ago. Yes, they tell us that it was federal grant money that picked up the tab. Translation: Your tax dollars!



February 18, 2003

This week, in speaking with his honor, Mayor Michael Guido, he promised that I would be receiving a Mayor Guido bobble head. Wow. Now the reason he didn't put a potbelly on the image is because the mayor is on a new diet! Take that Gibb!!!



February 21, 2003

Thank God for the Brett Barbers of America. Rememberthat he's the young high school student who refused totake off his "President Bush is an InternationalTerrorist" tee shirt at school. We need the Bretts ofthis world because his act of defiance should remindus of the thousands and thousands of loyal anddecent Americans who have died for Brett's freedom todissent. Let's hope Brett remembers them too.

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February 25, 2003

Hi Russ!

When we had the snow on Saturday/Sunday this last week, a few neighbors and I who have snowblowers went out and helped our other neighbors who didn't. No problem, we were happy to do it. That's what neighbors should do, right? Well, we have one person down the street who has a giant snowblower that hauls his out and only does his own property. What a guy! My other neighbor across the street who's about 80 years old also hauled out his giant snowblower and proceeded to help 4 or 5 people. I would like to nominate the 80 year old gentleman on Geneva as winner of the week and the other guy who's probably half his age as the loser! Maybe Mr. Giant Snowblower will take a lesson from the Kindly Gentleman next time it snows!

Signed, a Dearborn High graduate


Ford Foundation

February 27, 2003

How sad it is to see the Ford Foundation captured by the "one world" "liberal" "politically correct" "anti-capitalism" do-gooders. The late Henry Ford II, better known as Hank the Deuce, said turning over control of the Ford Foundation to liberals was the biggest mistake he ever made. Boy, was he right.


Place Your Bets

February 27, 2003

Put your money on Dr. Sheryl Kreger as new Assistant Superintendent of Dearborn schools. Approval must come from a vote from the school board, but it looks like a shoe-in. A smart move by Superintendent Dr. John Artis.

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Do Your Duty

March 2, 2003

19 year old Jimmy Dunlap graduated from Dearborn High School a few years ago and immediately joined the Marines. He's presently in Kuwait doing his duty for us. Now please do your duty and drop him a thank you note. Every letter helps morale. Here's his address:

LCpl Dunlap
8th Comm Br Det A
B Co
Unit 73204
FPO AE 09509-3204


Parlez-vous phooey?

March 6, 2003

So the French government doesn't want to back Americanforeign policy. Well here's what I'm going to do: NoFrench vacation this year, no more French wine, andI'm even thinking about giving up French fries. Takethat Chirac.


Letter to Rush Limbaugh Show

March 6, 2003

I think that Dan Rather should be tried for treason. Imus is right. He stated that Rather's behavior was gutless, cowardly and beyond disgraceful. He want on to add "Here's all you need to know about Dan Rather: When he interviewed the first President Bush, he picked a fight with him. When he interviewed Saddam Hussein, he spent an hour kissing his ass."

I have decided no longer to watch CBS, which will mean missing my favorite shows, but there comes a time when you must take a stand. I will also boycott all sponsors of CBS. I have sent email to all my friends, family and coworkers asking them to support our military personnel by doing the same thing.

Sadam is as evil as Hitler and Rather was putting him on a pedastal.

Deanne / Michigan


Kissing Up

March 8, 2003

Talk about "kissing up". That's what CBS's DanRather's interview with Saddam was all about. To hellwith CBS news. I for one am boycotting CBS as well asCBS's sponsors. How about you?

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