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Hang on to Your Hat

September 29, 2003

Wow- Tracy Balazy, ex-editor of the Dearborn Press &Guide is now an ex-editor of the Belleville paper, TheView. Resigned after 2 days-What's going on????

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Making Some $$$

September 29, 2003

Dearborn resident, Chris Timco is holding aninteresting seminar on how to fund-raise for yourorganization and if you're a businessman, on how togain more loyal customers. Give Mr. Timco a call at313-277-2527.


Honor Killings

October 3, 2003

Most Muslims are not fanatics but when will the many reasonable and intelligent Arab leaders in this country speak up and against the Arabic barbaric tradition of honor killings.
Last week in England an Iraqi Muslim father was convicted of cutting his young daughter's throat for "becoming too westernized."



October 6, 2003

Don't look now but rumor has it Press & Guide associate editor Steve Veldheer has quit.



October 7, 2003

Over the years, dollar for dollar, the best buy for education, as far as I'm concerned, has been the Henry Ford Community College's 2 year Associate Degree program. Many of my students could not afford college without the reasonable cost of HFCC. I support the upcoming millage 100%. Please help this institution. Vote YES on November 4, for both their operational millage and the second proposal for an additional half mil over 5 years.

Dear Friends,

HFCC is facing a crucial millage vote on November 4th. We are asking for a continuation of their operating millage of 2.5 mills for another 10 years. This accounts for about 16% of its revenue. Also on the ballot, to help restore some of the funding lost by state cuts, a second proposal asks for an additional half mill for 5 years to keep programs strong and tuition as low as possible.

To help support this efforts, a citizens committee will hold a fundraiser for friends of HFCC on Sunday, October 12th from 2-6pm. The wine-tasting event will be held at the home of Jim and Darlene Schoolmaster, 45 Turnberry Lane in the TPC complex. The cost is $50 per person. Please make checks payable to "Save HFCC Committee". Please RSVP by week's end by calling 845-9601.

Pass this along to any other HFCC supporters. Your support is appreciated.

Pam Wandless

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Putting on the Dog

October 8, 2003

Well, Friends for the Dearborn Animal Shelter will be putting on a fund-raiser dinner this Friday, October 10, at the Dearborn Inn ballroom. Call 313-943-2697 for ticket information.

Bow Wow! A raffle for a new Mustang or Mercury Mountaineer is also being held. Tickets are $20 a crack.

Check them out at


Alert! Alert!

October 12, 2003

Dearborn's Representative, Democrat John Dingell, has been hospitalized. More to follow.


Good News

October 13, 2003

Representative John Dingell is out of the hospital.


Round and Round

October 13, 2003

Well try this rumor on for size- Dearborn Councilman Gino Polidori announces he is going to run for State Representative after Representative Gary Woronchak terms out-and frankly, Gino has a good chance of landing the job. But surprise surprise- guess who will fill Gino's seat on the Dearborn Council?? Doug Thomas!


It's True

October 14, 2003

Gino Polidori IS running for State Representative.

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