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Mikey, Can You Hear Me?

March 10, 2002

What do you do when you really like a person, yet you want to tell them that maybe they have gotten arrogant, and that many people are talking about them behind their back. You know the story- "The Emperor Has No Clothes"

Well, I like Mayor Michael Guido a great deal. He is a bright and charming guy. His humor is legendary. Yet, recently he seems to be "full of himself;" forgetting his roots and his humility. I guess success and power and a bodyguard "chauffer" would do that to most of us. It sure as hell would do it to me.

So, Mr. Mayor, might I respectfully request a little less pomp and ceremonies, and more staying at your city hall desk and working less for the photo ops and more for the citizens who gave you your job. With honesty, Russ Gibb. Softly jumping up and down.


Good People Can Disagree

March 19, 2002

How dare Superintendent Jeremy Hughes claim that the absurdly inflated $150 million bond proposal is a solid, well-studied, comprehensive plan. The fact is the plan contains something for everyone in the hopes that enough parents of school age children will actually vote for the new tax. Even the school board, that debated the various components for months, never fully supported it.

Hughes thinks so little of the plan and future success of Dearborn schools he is leaving the district for a lucrative position at the state level.

I don't believe the projected numbers presented by school officials. They vary depending on who is speaking.

I would much rather invest $55,000 each for 70 portable units to handle the temporary increase in enrollment than $114 million for new buildings that may eventually go the way of Oxford, Salisbury and Adams -- sold because of declining enrollment 20 years ago. Portables are air conditioned, carpeted and can be easily resold when no longer needed.

The final absurdity is that school administrators are working to cut expenses due to reduced state funding. What makes anyone think more funds will be available to staff new schools? I believe the majority of voters understand that the March 26 election is more about appeasing special interest groups than being good for Dearborn residents and business owners.

- Susan Moore

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Calling All Cars

March 19, 2002

A reader writes... It's time for me to Jump up and down again! This time it's about proper flag etiquette.

Seems to me if you're going to display the Flag a certain respect should go along with that display. The US Congress has established proper etiquette when and how it should be. And thus following that protocol, would reflect your esteem and pride in its display.

With that logic in mind, wouldn't the improper show ones contempt and disrespect for our flag and all it represents? You would think so, huh? Well, driving down Michigan Ave. I notice that on the passenger side of our Local Police vehicles the flag is not properly displayed (the blue field is on the viewer right and not left).

I realize that this may look better (note: the driver side flag is correct), sorta symmetrical and all, but, is incorrect all those former military men at the station really missed this one. Any way the budget can't afford to buy new stickers to put on the right way?

- A proud American, jumping up and down, but with a little patriotism and respect for our colors


A Father Speaks...

March 22, 2002

Dearborn Public Schools are in a crisis, and for the sake of all Dearborn children our schools deserve a chance. I urge all residents to Vote YES for both Bond Proposals on the ballot on Tuesday March 26.

The burden is on the members of the Board of Education to have an open, honest and responsible public discussion in order to decide what needs to be cut to save several million dollars from next year's budget. If the Board bears this burden, the responsibility will then fall on us, parents and taxpayers, to accept the cuts of a few for the benefits of the many. Board members should conduct a professional national search for a qualified person to be the next superintendent. Dearborn Schools need a new Chief who is TOTALLY independent from local and Board politics. We, the voters and parents of Dearborn, must do our share to solve the current crisis. We must vote YES Tuesday, March 26 to address the overcrowding problem, once and for all. The Bond should never be used as a weapon to fight the Board. It should be judged on its merit. Anger at Board members should be properly directed at them, if and when they run for reelection. Misdirected anger at the current Bond proposal may harm all of us except those targeted Board members.

Unlike its predecessor, the current proposal is comprehensive and addresses the overcrowding at all levels of education. It reduces bussing and restores neighborhood schools. We need to support it for the sake of our kids and our property values. Regardless of where the new buildings are located, they will affect everyone. If we don't build, kids will have to be bussed from the overcrowded schools, mostly in the East end, to the ones that have space, mostly in the West end. Let's pull together and serve the one group we care most about: our kids, our future. Vote Yes on March 26.

- Abed Hammoud


Karl Stuef Named Interim Superintendent for the Dearborn Public Schools

March 22, 2002

Karl is a capable and well-liked administrator in the public schools and knows Dearborn well. Congratulations Karl.

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Cup of Java

March 24, 2002

If you haven't checked out The little Cafe at 22180 Michigan Avenue, next to The Little Professor bookstore, you're missin' it. Great coffee, great sandwiches, and great hometown atmosphere. The little cafe, (313) 562-6269


Both School Bond Proposals Passed!!

March 27, 2002

Here are the results of the school bond proposals:

Proposal 1 Proposal 2
Yes7,194 Yes7,948
No6,442 No5,996

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Friendship Counts

April 1, 2002

A reader writes...Isn't it interesting that college union leader John McDonald has appeared in picture twice in the last couple of months in the Dearborn Press and Guide. Isn't it interesting that an article about a p12 bond issue would have a front page picture of the HFCC Union President and a quote from him, but no picture or quotes from any of the union presidents that are from p12??? Does John know someone at the Press and Guide. Hint Hint. Why is John being set up with so much free press space lately?

- W.R.

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Respect for the Dead

April 5, 2002

Honoring the dead in chapels and cemeteries is one thing. But the display of crosses and wreaths at Ford Road and Golfview is over the top. What do you think?

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Save A Buck

April 5, 2002

Dollar for dollar, the best car wash is the Dearborn Car Wash at 14851 Michigan Ave, across from McDonald's hamburgers in East Dearborn- (313) 584-3860. They really know how to wash a car inside and out. Try 'em!

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