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Rumor Has It

February 16, 2002

Rumor has it that good guy Tony Fera of The Little Professor Book Shop & The Little Cafe would like to have a Landmark-type art house movie theater put in the Jacobson's building. Not a bad idea...

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Hey Hot Dog Lovers

February 16, 2002

If you really want a neat hotdog, check out Spencer's Indoor Grille over in the West Village.


Quick Smart Fix

February 16, 2002

An Interim Superintendent will be needed while the school board searches for a new Superintendent.

Solution: Fordson High School's retired Principal Barbara O'Brien, who is smart, knowledgeable, and well liked in the district, would be an interesting choice. Only hitch- will she take the temporary job if offered??


Jeremy Hughes to Resign April 1st

February 16, 2002

Dearborn Superintendent of Schools, Jeremy Hughes, will resign on April 1st. He is taking a job with the Treasury Department in Lansing where he will be doing test assessments. MORE TO FOLLOW!


Drive On O'Leary

February 16, 2002

"The Body Guard" was a big box office hit for Whitney Houston but it doesn't play so well in Dearborn. We're told that Dearborn is a safe place to live yet our mayor has a highly paid, highly trained police officer acting as a chauffer, delivery boy, fill-in receptionist, banker and general nursemaid. The job apparently isn't all work. According to the mayor's campaign finance reports Officer Mike O'Leary got a few free lunches and was reimbursed from campaign funds when he picked up the tab.

When questioned at a December City Council meeting, the mayor claimed Officer O'Leary is not his body guard but assigned to provide security at the City Hall complex. However, some people claim that O'Leary has been performing a number of unrelated duties and keeps a city vehicle parked outside his home.

So bar your windows, keep your doors locked and never leave home without a 6-foot tall police officer. It also helps if you have $150,000 a year to pay the bill.

- Susan Moore

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Goodbye Winter, Hello Snow

February 20, 2002

A reader writes: "Since the snow last week, a large stretch of sidewalk running on Grindley Park from Yale to Madison, then from Madison up to Nowlin school has remained unplowed (the entire walkway adjoins the combined schoolyards/fields of O.L. Smith and Nowlin schools); yet, I note that all along Yale from Grindley Park up to O.L. Smith School the whole block is plowed. Aren't the schools responsible for maintaining their own property? I guess they think they're better than all the Grandmas and Grandpas whom I saw out last week doing their darndedst to keep their own walks clean. Maybe the schools think they're above the law?"

- Anonymous


About the Democrat's New Website...

February 23, 2002

A reader writes: "Yes, it's time to make English the offical language. If you want to live here, speak English. I'm sick of the extra cost of supporting everyone elses "HOME" language. This is home now and english is the language. If they don't want to learn english, they can go back to where they came from and speak their home language all they want."

- C.G.


Mayor Guido, Please Save Us

February 25, 2002

Mayor Guido has been working hard and trying to prove to we taxpayers that he is on top of the homeland security thingy. In fact, $250,000 bucks have been allocated from this year's budget for our city's "homeland" security.

Now, add this to the fact that our mayor has just been appointed to chair the Homeland Security Committee for the National Council of Mayors, and bingo, light bulb, etc. Could our good Mayor Guido have an eye for a big job in Washington DC? After all, he is an "expert" on homeland security, and remember money talks and BS walks in Washington DC- and $250,000 bucks talks loud and clear.


A Grim Fantasy Tale

March 5, 2002

A reader writes: Once upon a time...

It's early in the morning. Very Early. Still dark out. A vast majority of sane people are snuggled in their beds. But not the diehard group of folks who religiously wake from their pre-dawn slumber to lumber to a private fitness facility in the City Far, Far Away. They're paying their dues-why not utilize the cardiovascular equipment and classes to get that heart pumping first thing in the a.m.?

I must digress. MOST members are paying their dues except for Mayor SpendaLot, his First Lady DrivenAroundaLot, and other select overpaid city employees feeding at the public trough AND receiving honorary memberships at the private clubs in Far Far Away Land. Apparently, double-dipping isn't just for ice cream cones.

A paying member of the club pulls into the dimly-lit parking lot. (Although public officials receive honorary dues-free memberships, this is a PRIVATE club, so the city has no obligation to provide lighting). She spies a parking space in the "members only" lot. She also spies a big surly-looking white man in a limousine Town Car parked directly beneath the only light in that area of the parking lot. His hamhock hands hold an open newspaper over the luxury leather-trimmed steering wheel. The interior light of the Town Car is turned on. The woman looks at him. He glares at her and raises the newspaper higher. The woman is not comfortable. What is he doing there? Is he stalking the private club parking lot? Why doesn't he get out of his Town Car and go inside the club? She circles again and jots down the license plate number.

After parking on the other side of the lot (rather inconvenient), she finally gets up the nerve to walk into the club and explains the situation to one of the employees.

Whilst inside the fitness center, she greets several other early birds, including First Lady DrivenAroundaLot. She expresses her concern about the strange man in the parking lot who appears to be waiting to pick off an unsuspecting victim.

After the workout, she talks to the employee, who assures her there is nothing to worry about.

The driver of the Town Car is Mayor SpendaLot's "personal" bodyguard-a member of the Far Far Away City Police Department. How peculiar! A "personal" employee of Mayor SpendaLot, whose city-issued paycheck is derived from anything but the Mayor's "personal" funds. Alas, the "personal" bodyguard of the mayor--who is not required to live in Far Far Away Land but can draw his paycheck from the city--is financially compensated by the largely-unaware common folk of Far Far Away Land to the tune of approximately $80,000 per year to protect the great Mayor and his Lady from bodily harm. Perhaps city taxpayers should also pay for him to exercise in the private club, so that at the very least, he will be legally parked in the "members only" section the next time the First Lady needs a driver to drop her off and wait for her to get done exercising. But hey, He is a great and powerful mayor and she a beautiful and fit wife, And they live well and have a great and good life in the Far Far Away City. And what the poor taxpayers of Far Far Away city never, never know won't hurt them.

The moral of this story- get it while you can.

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English, Please

March 10, 2002

A reader writes: I agree with C.G. because it is down right rude when you hear people who are with you, and then all of a sudden they speak to one of their own ethnic group, in there language. If they don't want you to know what they are talking about, they should just excuse themselves, instead of placing you in this precarious position. You have to believe they are talking about you, or something they don't want you to know, and I feel that is rude. They may not even be talking about you, but human nature being what it is, makes you feel that they are talking about you. You are in America, then speak in our language for everyone's sake.

- Anonymous

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