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Go Get 'Em Abed!

December 14, 2002

Abed Hammoud, young Wayne County prosecutor fromDearborn just got a promotion. New title: principalforfeiture attorney. Translation: cracking down ondope dealers and taking away their fancy houses andbig cars.


Around Town

December 15, 2002

While having my Saturday morning coffee and donuts at Tim Horton's on Michigan Ave. a senior citizen asked me, "Russ, why all the increase in our school taxes?" Then a retired Dearborn school teacher who sometimes subs in the district asked about all the extra parapros running around in the schools. Then she asked why is it that our kids are doing poorly in math?

Then I stop off at Mike's Barbershop where an ex-student of mine with a daughter at Edsel Ford and a son at Duvall asks me, "What's going on with our schools? I looked at my daughters math book and it's an abomination." Now that's coming from a professional mathematician. Maybe the members of the Dearborn school board should come with me on Saturday mornings and hear what I hear????


Jingle "Bull"

December 15, 2002

Have you noticed how the politically correct crowd and the liberal mass media have pushed "Merry Christmas" off of our TVs and substituted "Happy Holidays"? Screw them! Merry Christmas from me to you.


A Reader Writes...

December 15, 2002

What's up with that monstrosity that's being built on Telegraph south of Cherry Hill? What in hell is it? How this city can issue a permit for something like this totally beyond me. Plus, I haven't seen any construction activity on the site for over a month.

And a reader responds...
It's a house????? I don't know who the hell would want to live on that corner. Also, there is a lot for sale just South of the 'monstrosity'. I think there might be a rash of houses along Telegraph???????


Media Hypocrites

December 26, 2002

Didn't you just love the hatchet job the liberal media (i.e. ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN cable television) did on Senator Trent Lott? And I wonder where the "news experts" were when Democratic Senator Richard C. Byrd was a big shot in the KKK? And where were our liberal scribes when he voted against the civil rights bill? And my, my, where were they when he voted against not 1 but 2 black Supreme Court Justices? So much for the Democratic Party and their liberal media running dogs.


Hurrah for American Youth

December 30, 2002

According to a new poll most young Americans "trust" the military and "distrust" the media. Good for today's youth.

at random

Happy New Year

December 30, 2002

Well, it's been another year. Happy New Year to everyone.

--Russ Gibb, Alberta, Oleg, Emilia, and Blackout the dog


Sign Police

December 31, 2002

Good to know that the sign police are alive and well in Dearborn. Seems that they made a landscaping company sign at Greenfield and Hubbard be taken down. Wonder when they're REALLY going to start enforcing signage laws in Dearborn. May I suggest that they just start driving up Michigan Ave. from Wyoming to Gulley. Violations galore.

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