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I Love My Dog

April 21, 2015

Here is a song that I had played for years and years on the radio by Cat Stevens, "I Love My Dog". I met Cat when I went to London. We had dinner together and then drove over to The Royal Albert Hall to see a rock group called Grapefruit which was being promoted by The Beatles at that time. The Grapefruit was a little bit fruity, but meeting Cat Stevens was terrific!

Take a look at this song and you will understand why I always played it on my show.

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4 Comment(s)

Dear Uncle Russ

I remember well, the great soundtrack to so many exciting and enlightening weekends.

Thank You


--by Joe Kidd on 4/21/15   Lives: Detroit area  

I never missed one uncle russ show!

--by brian on 4/22/15   Lives: Detroit area  

HiYa Uncle Russ, How ya' doing. Funny how Cat Stevens can make even a simple song about a doggie sound...Great!!! //0_0\\ (-:

--by Denny Mcfastlane on 11/4/15   Lives: Detroit area  

This tune was on the KEENER chart - Nov. '66.

--by Rich Mazur on 11/4/15   Lives: Detroit area  

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