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The Reptilians Have Arrived

May 4, 2014

Are the aliens here and working in the White House?
Take a look at Tommy Vietor. He started out as a van driver for Obama while he was running for Senate in Chicago and then presto! he becomes The National Security Council Spokesman for the Obama Administration. He is now retired and starting his own political consulting firm in Washington D.C., but the real question is...What is wrong with his eyeballs? What planet is he from?

Photos by : Jennifer Estrada

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Obama is staffing nothing but thugs. This from an article from 2008 during the campaign of Mr. Obama when Lizard man Tommy Vietor was merely a campaign staffer. Now he is involved with our National Security? What's going on?
...Obama's campaign staff was also participating in editing. One staff member using the IP address apparently did not like Vanilla Ice saying on May 31, 2007, "Most recently, Winkle was the target of an unfortunate assault when, during a concert in Des Moines, Iowa, an Aryan-looking, bi-curious campaign staffer named Tom Vietor hurled an empty bottle at the performer's skull." The edit was immediately removed by the same IP address. Vietor's last registered salary was in April of 2007. On August 6, 2007 another staff member using a different IP address from Obama's campaign

--by Concerned on 6/6/14   Lives: USA  

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