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March 30, 2014

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Yesterday morning Jenny played a song from a play called “Into the Woods”. It had pretty funny lyrics about going into the woods and it reminded me of when I was growing up in Dearborn back in the Forties.

The Rouge Parks Woods was about as far in the woods as we would go and that was pretty far out because it was near Outer Drive so that was the end of civilization as far as we were concerned. But John Cone and I, now remember that you could get a driver’s license when you were fourteen back then, were in his 1939 Mercury Car and he had his license. So we decided that what we were trying to do was to find a place in the woods where we could take some girls and could do “it”. Now I’m not going to tell you what “it” was, but you have an idea of two teenage boys horny with visions of Vargas Girls dancing in their heads.

So we took the car and started driving it around in Rouge Park and we came off onto what was a dirt road and we thought that this could be the place. This is where we could do “it”. And then we got stuck! We got stuck in the mud! We couldn't get the car out. The wheels were turning and turning and I was pushing and John was trying to put it into first it. We were rocking the car back and forth trying to get out, but there was nothing that we could do. So we hopped out onto Warren Ave. and there was a gas station with a tow truck there and we convinced the guy that we would give him $3.00, the cost of a tow back then, and he brought his truck into the woods and he said, “What were you guys doing back here in the woods?” and we said, “Well, we were just driving through.” And he said, “You were probably trying to find a place to do “it” right?”. So much for secret “it” places.

It’s amazing how many boys know about woods and “it”! Anyway, life in The Rouge Park Woods and trying to do “it”.

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