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Screw the computer

March 2, 2014

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O.k. I have had it! You can take your damn computers and shove it! Isn’t that the name of a song or something? But anyway, I am tired of people wanting me to do everything on the internet with e-mails and text messages. I’m an old fashioned guy! I like a phone. I like to be able to grab the phone, dial up a number, and actually talk to somebody. The computer is very impersonal. You don’t get the whole tone of what is going on. And when I am mad I want you to hear me being MAD! I don’t know how you do that in print either, except that you make the print big like I just did.

Anyway, there are those of us who are tired of all these computers and all of the web-sites ect. ect. ect. And let’s get back to putting telephone numbers on things and making it easy to call a company or a government office or whatever. People are hiding behind their computers. Yeah that’s what I said. They are hiding!

Keep smiling!

-russ gibb

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I agree. The phone is better than the computer or texting, but ultimately face to face is the best. Unfortunately, when you ask for face time...they think your talking about the app. My work around is inviting them for coffee. There isn't an app for that yet, but I'm sure there's one brewing. ;)

--by michele maltese on 3/2/14   Lives: Dearborn  

Very clever Michele. Very clever. -russ

--by big sur on 3/2/14   Lives: Dearborn  

I love you Uncle Russ! You always tell it like it is. I agree with you. I hate the automated systems they never understand me. I've always wondered if they understand people with accents. I got your private text with your number and plan on calling you soon! Thank you I prefer the phones, I guess I'm old fashioned too.

--by Amber on 3/2/14   Lives: Michigan  

Agreed Sir! Glad to see you're still jumping up and down- be well; I may call soon

Patrick Karbon

--by Patrick Karbon on 3/2/14   Lives: USA  

Good for you, Russ !!
These "modern" folks are digging themselves a deep hole and will have a much harder time than going cold turkey off of heroin when they unplug and wake up, if that ever happens.
Thanks for saying what a lot of us feel....don't let the addicts get you down!!! Stay with us here in the real world as long as you can.

Peace, blessings

Thomas Matica
Vancouver, WA
formerly of Dearborn

--by F. Thomas Matica on 3/30/14   Lives: USA  

Amen Russ, old friend. I have some old memories to share with you. My Parents met at the G. Ballroom back when it was a Ballroom. They were GREAT ballroom dancers. She got a kick when our band played there in the late 60s. We were just tinny boppers,(High school)we passed for older and our band was great! Get to that in a later email. I just wanted to relate to what you are trying to express. Talking is so much better than Typing....oh well. Get back to ya, another time.....M

--by Martin L. Williams on 6/26/14   Lives: USA  

Nice to see you still kicking. Keep up the good work. Just spent some time with Jack Sommerville

--by ron banish on 12/20/14   Lives: Michigan  

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