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February 7, 2014

Mark Levin is probably one of the best radio talk show host/teacher on the air today. I listen to Mark on WJR Radio here in Michigan. He is incredible. He is also one of the most egotistical radio personalities that I have ever heard. He makes his callers pay homage and kiss his ring before he lets them say anything, but he is great and an amazing fount of information. I love the fact that Mark Levin is not afraid to call Obama a dictator and use the ā€˜Iā€™ word for impeachment. He is a lawyer by profession and a character by birth. Tune him in, Mark LevinShow. You will enjoy what he has to say.

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I've found Mark to be an extremely intelligent thinker. He was chief of staff for Attorney General Edwin Meese under Ronald Reagan. His 5 books have been thoroughly researched and concisely laid out. He has exposed the troubling problem of the judicial branch, the soft tyranny and loss of liberty that is currently going on, how America is being dismantled by a President that believes the Constitution is a hindrance to his agenda, and a move Americans can take to save our country from anti-Constitutionalist executives & judicial activists. Mark lays out the facts & evidence to his listeners as a good lawyer would. He provides a thought-provoking program for those who are willing to listen and think.

--by Fred S. on 2/21/14   Lives: Detroit area  

As a political commentator he comes off as a crank. Entertainment value is pretty low. But then this is what some people like.

--by Joel on 6/6/14   Lives: USA  

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