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Jenny's Day: take 2

February 23, 2013

Well Jenny's Day has done it again. You will recall Jenny's Day is the brain-child and artistic effort of my aid Mrs. Jennifer Estrada.

She started out by doing her little cartoons about raising her four children. She was married pretty young. She was only 19 when she had her first child. She now has two in high school, one in junior high, and a two year old baby. And she draws cartoons. She has no formal art training, but she has a reality training called motherhood. And with this she has projected what it is like to raise four children in today's hectic world.

Take a look at her new book. It's the second edition of her book called Jenny's Day. My guess is that soon enough, people will read this and realize their own trials and tribulations with their own children that studios like Walt Disney, some of the movie studios, or television networks will say let's make a movie about Jenny's Day. We constantly have movies about children, how about having one about a mother who has a real effect on her kids? Well I am hoping that is what happens.

Take a look at her new book. You can find it on Amazon, Jenny's Day. Jeny's Day on Amazon

~russ gibb

You can also find her on her blog @Jenny'

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