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February 15, 2013

Here are two parts of a trilogy by Paul Harvey. He had so much common sense. I just wish that everyone could hear him. Can you hear him? CAN YOU HEAR HIM?

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He just makes sense as do you Sur! Keep it up! We all could use a dose of such simple wisdom.

--by Inspired on 2/18/13   Lives: Michigan  

Bravo! I had to hear it again.
~ Jen

--by Jenny on 2/26/13   Lives: Michigan  

This is the type of teaching that is sadly missing from today's social discourse. I remember hearing these types of monologues growing up in church, and on radio stations like WJR (forced to listen in the backseat of my parent's car), and on TV news programs like 60 minutes.

I also remember hearing similar stories from my grandmother and people of her generation who lived in Dearborn through the Great Depression...

It is the kind of reasoning that exposes today's politicians and political corruption we presently see going on at every level of government... while reinforcing the country's self sufficient ideals that have been absent in our politicians since Ronald Reagan so intelligently quipped "there you go again" !!

I really hope that it is not too late to turn this boat around. Thanks for the gentle reminder Mr Gibb - We really need to wake up !!

--by Buzzy S on 2/27/13   Lives: USA  

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