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January 29, 2013

Every year for over 25 years my breakfast has not been complete without opening up and reading The Wall Street Journal.

It has changed over the years...oh editorially, picture-wise, layout-wise you name it. But one thing remained constant up until about a year or so ago and then bingo, the joy of my morning Wall Street Journal evaporated! You can't fold it! You try turning the pages and they don't do it! They don't turn over! I puzzled about this problem with the paper trying to make it into a shape that I can handle while I am having my morning coffee. Guess what? They've made the paper thinner. And as they made it thinner it's harder and harder to read at the breakfast table. Shame on The Wall Street Journal! They oughta' apologize to me or at least given me an opportunity to pay an extra few pennies to have a newspaper that I can fold and read in a gentlemanly sort of way in the morning.

Well, that's just another 'gibbism' about getting old and trying to stay current.

Take a listen:

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Russ old boy! I'm so sorry to hear the WSJ has let you down! Cheap bastards. Maybe try reading it on the iPad? Or have Jenny read it to you! Hope all is well. Talk soon.

--by Gingerman on 1/29/13   Lives: Michigan  

Right On Russ! Everything is evaporating, just look what happened to Newsweek. Picked up a copy of Rolling Stone last week at the barber's and it was the dimensions of a comic book! If people can still buy and listen to vinyl then the WSJ should offer a "premium paper edition"

--by Leo on 2/1/13   Lives: Dearborn  

I still get the paper WSJ and hadn't noticed the folding thing (we may not yet have the cheaper paper in Oregon). What I hate about the WSJ now is that when I read it now I no longer feel stupid (and it isn't that I've gotten that much smarter). There's something to be said for any sort of exchange where you are going to learn something (if you pay attention, if you do the homework assignment afterward). The editorial page has always been a hoot and continues to be but as for the world of business...there ain't much there anymore. I give them credit for not standing still in a business that has seen, to say the least, a sea change but my god there has to be something between what they were and headlines like "Why You'll Be Wearing Yellow This Spring".

--by Joel on 2/9/13   Lives: USA  

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