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May 7, 2012

Check this video out. Do it and pay attention.

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The Republicans have this guy and they put a guy like Romney, an un-electable, out of touch dunderpate, up there to take on the most charismatic president since Clinton. He may be, to you, the worst president we have ever seen, but at least 50% of the country still love him!

Again Russ, I am now 1000% sure that the Republicans are throwing this election on purpose. We have guys Rubio this and they give us Romney?

I prey to God that the Conservatives of this country start taking notice that Americans have grown tired of extremists on BOTH sides of the isle and start offering electable candidates that have some vision instead of etch-o-sketch types who are just saying what they think Americans want to hear on any given day!

--by Dis appointed at ALL of them! on 5/9/12   Lives: Dearborn  

Yup, I agree. Lieberman is the last Democrat a la JFK standards. The rest have become full-blood anti-semitic, racist socialists-near communists. Heck, did you notice Schumer is now wanting to build a virtual fence to keep people from leaving the country by taxing them if they leave? And then not letting them back in later if they change their mind? BASSAKWARDS, every time, every Democrat. Punish money makers, build a wall against them returning, but open borders to those who suck off the taxpayers.

--by s.w. on 5/20/12   Lives: Michigan  

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