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My birth certificate is unaltered

May 1, 2012

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Assembled Birth Certificate

Kenyan Born Obama

Article about the Forgeries

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To say that I’ve accomplished as much as I have in my life by my own will and hard work wouldn’t be completely true. To say that fortune and opportunity has cleared the path for my success wouldn’t be completely true either. Rather, it is a combination of my efforts and taking advantage of opportunities that has gotten me where I am today. Sir, you were one heck of an opportunity, thank you.

It’s Matt Sheko, and I’ve been meaning to write this letter to you for at least the last 6 years. It has now been 26 years since I graduated high school, and at least 10 years since the last time we were face to face.

I moved out to Iowa 5 years ago to take my first fulltime position working for someone else. Before this full time job, I did pretty well freelancing and running my video production company. My freelancing and business took me all over the world; I was able to experience all sorts of great things and meet a lot of interesting people.

Well, I just recently quit my first full time job, and to be honest it’s a bit scary. But, this has also been a great time for reflection. When I moved out to Iowa, word spread pretty quickly about my talents, and soon enough, out here in the corn, I was getting request to work as a freelancer in my spare time. So I had something to fall back on. As I’ve started to reconnect with old and new associates to expand my freelance work, I’ve been quite surprised by the number of people who are willing to write letters of recommendation, share their contacts, and vouch for me. And this got me thinking about how all this started over 26 years ago and the opportunity that you opened up for me.

Your class, your method of teaching, and the opportunities with Back Porch Video, the Russ Gibb at Random Show, and the cable TV station, really put me on a path for success in this field. The chance to find something that I really love to work at was provided and nourished by you. Thank you for the long Saturdays you put in doing your show then BPV. Thank you for the chance to go to NYC. Thank you for your hard work and diligence in getting the video production curriculum going. Thank you for making sure we had exposure to the latest technologies as students. And to steal your line if I may? “Thank you for just being you.”

Please be well and happy.

Matt Sheko
New web site being launched next week

--by Matthew Sheko on 5/5/12   Lives: USA  

Dear Mr. Gibb,

I do not believe the birth certificate will be a major issue in the upcoming presidential race. In order for Romney to defeat Obama he will need to do 3 things:

First, he needs to pull the republican party together. Throughout the primary process Romney has consistently received less than 50% of Republican votes, and voter turn-out in these contests has been running at historic lows. He has to find a way to rally the Republican base around his campaign.

Second, he needs to pick a VP running mate that will help him win electoral votes. This race is going to be decided by a handful of states (Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina, Missouri, Iowa, and Colorado). With the exception of Missouri, all of above mentioned states went to Obama in 2008.

Finally, Romney needs to have clear cut victories in the Presidential debates. His 2008 bid for the Republican nomination faded quickly when he consistently slung mud at John McCain. This year his campaign got off to a sluggish start (despite being the front runner) when he was out debated by Gingrich & Santorum. Romney will have to much better job when he steps into the ring against Obama.

Romney would be a favorite in this election if he could win Massachusetts. Currently he trails Obama in his home state by a double digit margin. The last candidate that won the presidential election without winning his state of residency was Richard Nixon back in 1968.

B. Dunbar

Louisiana - The Pelican State
(8 Electoral votes for Romney - Guaranteed)

--by B. Dunbar on 5/6/12   Lives: USA  

Hello, Russ -
My Rolling Stone story featuring "Paul is Dead" just published... thanks again for your time back in February!

--by Patrick on 5/10/12   Lives: USA  

I believe Obama was born in Hawaii, but has used "dual citizenship" to his advantage throughout his entire life.... It's a LOT CHEAPER to go to Harvard if you get "foreign student aid", as opposed to if you're just a regular old American citizen. It's much more intriguing for an author to be "born of an African father", than an "African-American born to an unwed hippie and a foreign exchange student from Kenya". Obama is to whomever what he needs to be in order to get what he wants – “A blank slate” by his own words. A vacuous "cellophane" man. Bottom line, he's a liar and a hypocrite.

--by citizen on 5/18/12   Lives: USA  

About Obama
Keep drinking the Cool Aid. Forward, right over the cliff. Most inexperienced, clueless President ever. Now it's been released that his SATs were lower than George Bush Jr's. No surprise there. This guy never held a real job, never made a payroll, doesn't know what a balance sheet is. Ignorance is bliss! Unless your the U.S. citizens that suffer under this mistake of a president. Our affirmative action president, what did we expect?

--by m. ardmore on 5/26/12   Lives: Detroit area  

All dictators are super paranoid and keep data caches on their serf population. Barry oblamer is no different.

But the digital data is being turned against obama. The internet is exposing him and his treachery.

The American public will not be gullible and as stupid as they were in 2008. The democrats and the dishonest socialist party member Barry obama have been unmasked. There is much more dismal truth about this muslim Kenyan that is yet to be released as the Demcrat party fractures and the rats desert the sinking oblama ship.

obama's drug damaged brain is failing him now. Panic and fright have set in as he sees his artificial subversive world crumbling around him.

obama really has turned out to be a subversive dishonest unethical conniver. Nothing but a real common street organizer and ACORN employee.

--by letter to editor on 6/9/12   Lives: Michigan  

mr gibb i grew up in dbn and my family knew your family and i am appalled at the unbelievable crackpot you've're a birther now? what happened to the progressive person i knew as a kid?

--by izzy boyle on 2/14/13   Lives: Michigan  


I think it’s fair to say that Romney has nullified his birth certificate argument by refusing to cough up some more tax returns. Damn shame though, in the long run, it will cost Romney the election. Don’t you think it would behoove Romney to quash the allegations that he hides money and that he is a tax cheat so he can point Obama on his birth certificate?

--by to Russ on 2/14/13   Lives: Dearborn  

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